Maria B fumes at audacity of an Indian designer’s shoot taking place in Pakistan

Maria B fumes at audacity of an Indian designer’s shoot taking place in Pakistan
Maria B with evidence.

Maria B has become the biggest designer brand in Pakistan which is rightfully deserved as its owner Maria B is a lady with a supremely enhanced creative approach.

We are the biggest fans of every item Maria comes out with and her innovative touch which reflects strongly in her designer wear has also managed to acquire a massive fan following.

However the famous designer is now very agitated over something which holds much significance to her.

Recently a wedding shoot took place in Lahore which was a designer shoot taking place for an Indian designer known as Abhinav Mishra.

If you look closely at the clip we are about to show you from the wedding shoot, you will see a lot of renowned models/influencers having fun during the BTS.

Also, this shoot was covered by Pakistani photographers.

Now Maria B doesn’t approve of this shoot at all. She is strongly against it. Why?

We all know that India has banned Pakistani artists from working in their country. Right?

This is what boils up Maria B. If Pakistani artists can’t showcase their talents in India, then how come an Indian designer shoot is taking place in Pakistan?

This is a wise observation on Maria’s part and we will give her credit for that however is rebellion the answer to rebellion?

Maria B also asked everyone why we are not retaliating the same way that India is treating us?

Because we don’t need to as we are much better than them therefore we should definitely not stoop as low.

Haven’t we all heard that it’s always wise to act as the ‘bigger person’?