European tech company introduces coronavirus killer device  

Published: 10:41 PM, 3 Sep, 2021
European tech company introduces coronavirus killer device  
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The people will not have a need to sanitize their hands in future, as a tech company has introduced a facility to clean the air and kill the viruses of Corona, Influenza, and Rhino by using electric wind technology.

A European technology company has introduced an anti-coronavirus device, AirSoap that is portable and purify the air within 50 square meters area.

As per the claim of the Estonia based company named PhoneSoap, the device has been certified to capture particles larger than 14 nanometers (nm).

Scientifically, the scientists have to believe that the size of coronavirus was measured between 50 nm to 140 nm.

Despite the company has said that it did not administer testing of the SARS-COV-2 (the pathogen responsible for the coronavirus) but confirmed capturing and killing of all viruses and bacteria larger than 14 nm in the surrounding airs.

The product specification is exclusive from the traditional HEPA (filters used for capturing and killing bacteria and viruses) as they usually captured or killed particles of larger than 300 nm only.

The traditional technologies had the ability to capture and kill the bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella only were unable to detect, capture and kill the viruses as the size of viruses is observed between 20 to 250 nm.

Though, the scientists identified few viruses (resembling bacteria by shape) in their size of 250 to 400 nm but mostly are less to this number.

The company has claimed about its product that it has been tested and proven to kill 99.99 percent of an even smaller virus-like Influenza A-H3N2.

Product details

The company claimed that the AirSoap covers 50m2 with maximum noise of 58dB. The weight of the device is 5.74 kilograms with a power of 27 watts. If it worked 24/7 and all year long in full power, then it consumes electricity only 263 kWh. The device covers only a 54x26x26 cm area and is portable for moving anywhere having a child lock and four washable air filter plates.

Kills Viruses That HEPA Filters Can’t

Traditional air purifiers use HEPA filters that can only capture particles down to 300nm. This poses an issue because some viruses, such as Coronaviruses (CoV-2 -120nm) and Influenza (Influenza A 80-120nm), are too small for the filter to capture. AirSoap’s new Electric Wind Technology can capture particles as small as 14nm!

Electric Wind Technology

Electric Wind technology generates a high energy plasma field that kills bacteria and polarizes airborne particles. Washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates then remove the polarized particles from the air, all the way down to 14nm - smaller than any virus.

AirSoap vs. HEPA filters

AirSoap’s Electric Wind technology is more powerful, effective, and affordable than traditional HEPA-based air purifiers. HEPA systems require costly replacement filters and lose effectiveness over time.

Kills and Captures

HEPA filters simply trap pollutants and if not replaced regularly, can cause additional pollution in the home or office from bacteria and mold growing in the filters themselves. AirSoap uses Electric Wind Technology to kill germs before they are captured for safer, purer air. No filter replacement is needed.


AirSoap’s Electric Wind™ technology is extremely energy-efficient, using electricity to capture germs instead of trying to force air through a filter. This system allows for increased airflow while spinning the fan slower and quieter than comparable filter-based systems. AirSoap uses up to half as much energy to process the same amount of air, providing customers with a more robust and effective system for germ and allergen reduction.

Overall Design

The device is measured 21.06-inch tall, 10.25-inch wide and 10.6-inch deep and portable. Moreover, the air intakes are well-located on the back and sides to offer an eccentric, bar graph-style design.

Most importantly, the construction is sturdy ABC plastic, with a white finish that’s effortless to keep clean. Designed with handles on both sides, you can carry it around you hassle-free. You may not need to carry it very often, nonetheless, it’s a magnificent option when the quest calls.

Save money, Save planet

The device could save the costs of the replacement of filters from time to time. Instead of wasteful filters made of harmful fibreglass material, AirSoap’s earth-friendly technology uses washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates to more effectively clean the air while saving you thousands. The company has fixed a price of around Pakistani 80,000 rupees only for the AirSoap.