PM outsmarts opposition by implementing US-backed conspiracy

Published: 10:23 PM, 6 Apr, 2022
PM outsmarts opposition by implementing US-backed conspiracy
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True as you claim Mr Prime Minister that the American Administration is as free to hatch a conspiracy against you and your government while it was engaged in the Ukrainian situation arising out of Russian aggression. True as you allege that the US Administration has funded the Pakistani Opposition parties to topple your fragile government based on a few borrowed votes.

True that you received the letter revealing the conspiracy on March 7, 2022. My compliments to your patience for keeping it in the inner pocket of your waistcoat till March 27 to expose it in a public rally a day before the National Assembly had to take up the Vote of No-Confidence Motion on March 28.

Despite all this, some people believed that your allegation may have some substance because you and your Comrades-in-Arms remained to shout their chests out making people believe that there is a real conspiracy.

Dear Premier but events that followed are ample proof that you out-smarted the entire Opposition and decided, in your wisdom, to implement the US-sponsored conspiracy of toppling your government. What the US Administration and their agents in the Opposition could not do after weeks of planning, hats off to you because you did that in 15 minutes on April 3 when the National Assembly met to conduct voting on the pending Vote of No-Confidence Motion.

Asad Qaiser, the Speaker of the House, did not turn up for various reasons mainly because there was a vote of No-Confidence Motion pending against him as well. It is reported in the media that he was not willing to apply Article 5 of the Constitution to reject the Motion before the House for voting. So the business was left for Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri to handle. And the way he handled it has no precedence or parallel in parliamentary history.

As the House met after the recitation of verses of the Holy Quran, rendering a Na’at and playing of National Anthem, the Law Minister rose to his chair, as was written in the US-led conspiracy and read a few written lines. After this Deputy speaker (holding the office based on a stay order) who seemed to be in a hurry to rush out picked up and slip in front of him and read it with a tremendous pace rejecting the No-Confidence Motion and adjourning the House.

And then after a few minutes, on your advice, your loving President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly.

It is a matter of shame that you did exactly what you accused the Opposition of planning to do as a result of American support and massive funding. Do you or does any of your Comrades-in-Arms realise the blunder committed?

And above this, the nation is in a state of shock to note that you and your ministers, advisers and blue-eyed boys are all celebrating it as a great victory. Does it reflect a political acumen? You all should be mourning that by default you have toppled your government and did not allow the Opposition to execute their US-sponsored conspiracy.

By doing all this, your government is continuing to violate the constitution by issuing orders even though the Supreme Court has remarked that any order of the Prime Minister or the President is subject to the court’s approval.

Mr Prime Minister, you have not yet sailed through the difficult situation in the Centre and now under your instructions, an ugly scenario has emerged in the Punjab Assembly where your party has lost the majority. The assembly buildings have been cordoned off by barbed wire. On the other hand, Section 144 has been imposed around 500 metres from the assembly premises and Riot Police deployed. Is this ugly scene worth envying? Of course not.

Even before this day, your party was split into various power centres led by Jehangir Tareen, Aleem Khan, Ch Sarwar and, Shah Mahmood Qureshi respectively.

Your party’s members of the Punjab Assembly have been found complaining that you could not find one person from among 183 to be named as Chief Minister or Speaker. Each time, they feel they have been deprived of their right to be appointed to these coveted posts.

The result of this callous attitude towards your party MPAs resulted in a further split of members shifting their loyalties to your arch-rival Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). This has well been demonstrated by them on Wednesday when Hamza Sharif gathered the support of 199 members of the Punjab Assembly at a session convened in a private hotel under advice from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

It is not too late my dear Prime Minister to make an effort to control the damage that has occurred due to the bad advice of your comrades. So some grace to look back and rectify where you think things have gone wrong. After all, you owe this to the nation which provided you with an opportunity to be selected as the Prime Minister. It is time to return the compliment.

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Salim Bokhari

The writer is Editor-in-Chief of 24 Digital and Director Digital Department of City News Network.