Hareem Shah on her honeymoon in Turkey with husband still not in picture  

By: News Desk      Published: 02:24 PM, 6 Jul, 2021
Hareem Shah on her honeymoon in Turkey with husband still not in picture  

TikToker Hareem Shah uploaded videos on her social media accounts showing that she is currently on her honeymoon in Turkey.

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Miss Shah posted videos with her roaming the streets of Turkey wearing a red and white striped shirt however we can still not see any ‘husband’ accompanying Hareem in the video.

So a honeymoon without the honey (husband)? Sad.

Also, while keeping our observance skills on point we can see that Hareem looks a bit bizarre in her clips while roaming Turkey which is definitely not what one feels when a country so beautiful such as Turkey is in question.

So the mystery remains unsolved. Who is Hareem Shah’s husband? Hareem you need to come clean about this issue as your fans are dying of curiosity.

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Previously, TikToker Hareem Shah stated that she has tied the knot with a PPP leader however she didn’t reveal the name.

As soon as this news appeared it became viral with everyone linking the star to various men who they thought would be worthy of being Shah’s husband.

However Hareem Shah released a video shortly after and requested everyone to stop linking her with every tom, dick and harry.

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It seems Hareem is enjoying the role of ‘mysterious TikToker’ way too much as she still has not come forward with her husband’s name.

Bilawal Bhutto termed Hareem Shah’s marriage claim ‘conspiracy to deflect attention from real-life problems’.