Rahim Pardesi’s insensitive take at Faysal Quraishi’s viral video 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:50 AM, 6 Jul, 2021
Rahim Pardesi’s insensitive take at Faysal Quraishi’s viral video 

While celebrating second wife Somia Rahim’s birthday, comedian and YouTuber Rahim Pardesi chose to generate massive views for the birthday clip by incorporating the dialogues of actor Faysal Quraishi which he uttered as he lost his cool at childish participants during a live show. 


During a popular live show, Faysal Quraishi while singing birthday wishes for participants suddenly became extremely displeased as a girl participant started slapping the birthday boy which Mr Quraishi found extremely disrespectful and he stormed off the show after uttering a few angered sentences.

Now Faysal’s exasperated speech has become viral over the internet.

However, as each person takes solace from a trending topic in order to make their own content stand out, this is exactly what comedian Rahim Pardesi set out to achieve by taking part in a hilarious yet exceedingly insensitive birthday clip in which the trio consisting of Rahim, his first wife and his second wife made fun of Faysal Quraishi by incorporating his dialogues in the video. 

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So Rahim was celebrating the birthday of his second wife Somia Rahim while Rahim has been married since a decade to his first wife Sumera with whom he has three children. 


Rahim captioned the post, “Happy birthday beghum @somiarahim Mashallah stay blessed always and keep smiling, we all love you very much. New birthday vlog coming soon!.”



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