Alizeh Shah dressed in white & gold for photo-shoot will bedazzle you 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 03:49 PM, 6 Oct, 2021
Alizeh Shah dressed in white & gold for photo-shoot will bedazzle you 

Goddess Alizeh Shah has once again put a spellbinding effect on everyone with her latest photo-shoot through which the Pakistani celebrity is successfully giving off the vibes of a regal enchantress dressed impeccably to cause an impact.

Alizeh Shah has posted a bunch of pictures on her Instagram handle which have been selected from a shoot that the actress has currently taken part in.

Dressed in an all-white frock with golden embroidery, Alizeh Shah has also made sure to put on the right kind of jewellery so that the overall aura tends to portray fragile, delicate vibes as the golden work done on top of the white dress is also quite dainty and isn’t overcrowding the dress whereas it has been stitched with a minimalistic approach so that it can pop out even more.

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The setup which has been decorated keeping a specific time period/era in mind has been adequately furnished with white and gold pieces as well. In one of the pictures Alizeh Shah is making most use of her GORGEOUS gigantic eyes by looking at her side with an expression of wonder and curiosity.

Social media users can’t help but gush over the fabulousness of Alizeh Shah’s latest shoot while many have also stated: “MashaAllah”

Alizeh Shah has shared another picture on her Instagram handle in which she is wearing a white t-shirt and has decided to flaunt her boyish bob while the actress poses towards the camera with her enchanting eyes also having put a filter on.

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