Five strange facts about Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things'

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Published: 11:39 AM, 6 Sep, 2022
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Stranger Things, an American science fiction drama television series, which is mostly set in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, focuses on a number of mysteries and paranormal occurrences in the area and how they affect a cast of young and adult individuals.

Here are the five lesser-known facts about the Stranger Things 

1.      Millie Bobby Brown cried on the set of stranger things

When filming a shot for Season 4 of Stranger Things, Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna outfit, which required seven hours in the makeup chair, was so convincingly evil that it actually caused Millie Bobby Brown known by the name Eleven' in the season, shed real tears of horror.

Vecna is a slimy, evil character who tears people's eyes out and smashes their limbs. Eleven tried to kill Vecna, thus he was exiled to the Upside Down. Bower who played Vecnais role said: “She was terrified and freaked out and Caleb [Hermann] our DP. was very smart and saw that she was having this reaction in the beginning of rehearsal and decided to shoot her first. It's so pure and beautiful.”

Also, he added: “It was lovely to have this battle, this epic battle as it were, but it's drawn out. It's so much more elongated than it is in the Volume 1 finale. There is this back and forth of power-sharing. And each actor has their own way of being their own character”.

2.      Directors couldn’t embrace cast reaching maturity so soon

Noah Schnapp claims that when he and his co-stars reached maturity earlier than their characters did, "Stranger Things" directors "Just not loving it."

The Hawkins gang ranges in age from 17 to 20 in real life, despite only being around 14 in season 4 of the television show. Ross Duffer, one of the "Stranger Things" show-runners along with his brother Matt Duffer, previously said that he was "confident" the show would time leap in its fifth and final season.

According to Schnapp, a producer once asked him to "slouch a little bit" and raise the tone of his voice in an earlier season in order to keep his character's "season one innocence" once he began to experience puberty.

"That was like, 'I don't know what to tell you. My voice is dropping. I don't sound young anymore," Schnapp said.

3.      Hundreds of children auditioned for the role in series. 

The Duffer brothers actually put 906 boys and 307 girls through auditions for the parts of youngsters in Stranger Things, despite the fact that it might seem a bit overkill. The coming-of-age movie ‘Stand By Me’ from 1986 was given to each person to read. 

Several factors can make casting youngsters challenging. The Duffer brothers have to be commended for selecting such a superb cast of young actors. A standout actress on the rise in Hollywood, Millie Bobby Brown, and Finn Wolfhard have already been cast in the 2017.

4.      Stranger Things was almost called ‘Montauk’

A "real" story served as the basis for Stranger Things. The Montauk Project, a purported US military programme that featured experiments on minors involving mind reading, mind control, and time travel, is where the show got its initial name of Montauk and derived inspiration.

An electrical engineer from Montauk named Preston Nicols claims to have been involved with the project and published a book titled Montauk Project: Experiments in Time in 1992.

"We began to look at how you could interface minds with computer systems - but it soon evolved into developing a mind-control device," he said.

"Later it was discovered that if the individual whose mind was powering the machine could think of other time periods, this machine could generate a vortex there - essentially a time machine.”

Although there isn't much proof that anything sinister occurred in Montauk, though the story made a fantastic TV show.

5.      What netizens can learn from ‘Stranger things’

Focus on The Positive (It Can Provide Protection from The Bad)

Just Like Max in the season who fought the bad and stayed with her friends to stay away from evil

Never Be Underestimated

A group of children saved the town from the evils and monsters who were repeatedly underestimated.

Never give up trying to keep loved ones safe.

The friends never gave up on each other and even in season one when ‘Will’ went missing, his friends and his mom kept looking for him and never believed he died.

People Have the Ability to Change

‘Steve’ from season one who was portrayed as a bad guy turned out to be the good ones for the rest of the seasons which indicates that people can change. 

‘Friends Don’t lie’

The most repeated dialogue in the series was ‘friends don’t lie’ that emphasized on the trusted relationship between all the friends and that they should never lie to each other no matter what.