Imran opens Pandora box

PTI chairman explains his position on previous remarks saying criticized army constructively because “Ye Fauj B Meri, Mulk B Mera Hy”; Says never allows party to go against army, judiciary; Says ready to talks with India if it gives rights to Kashmiris;

Published: 09:52 PM, 6 Sep, 2022
Imran opens Pandora box
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Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insfa chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan, who is in the middle of a storm due to his remarks over the appointment of new army chief in his previous rally in Faisalabad, came to all guns blazing against his opponents saying during a rally in Peshawar saying they were trying to make the biggest political party and the most powerful institute of the country army at odds.

Addressing a huge gathering at Peshawar as part of his political rallies, which he dubbed a movement for real freedom, Khan opened a new Pandora Box as he played videos of his opponents giving scathing remarks against the Pak army and its top officials in the past which he said were aggressive and defamatory one manifolds than what he had said about the appointment of the army chief.

Terming Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari as plunderers of the national wealth, he again questioned why those who were convicted and allied with foreign powers and enemies of the country for the sake of power should be given the right to appoint the army chief, the most prestigious post in the country’s most prestigious institute.

Imran also run his old clip in favour of the Pak army as a state institute in which he advised his party and the nation directly and clearly, “Never talk against the army as Pakistan could not survive without it”. 

Imran Khan said he never allowed his party to go against the army or judiciary and announced, “Ye Fauj be meri, Mulk B Mera Hy”. 

He said no one can conquer Pakistan if the army will strong as it is more necessary for the country otherwise international powers will create a depressive situation like Arab countries.

PTI chairman further said that he also did not allow party leaders to go against the judiciary including lower courts. He said he used hard words against Magistrate Zeba in the reaction to ‘custodian torture’ on Shehbaz Gill but there was no purpose to hitting the judge wrongly because he never thought to give a threat to a judge as he believe in justice for a better society and country. 

He criticized government policies and the inflation rate in Pakistan. He said the corrupt rulers have increased rates of electricity from Rs18 per unit to Rs50 per unit with taxes. 

He said three ruling stooges have come to know that they cannot win in elections against PTI in any case so have started conspiracies to disqualify him first and then make its clash with the army and judiciary through organized propaganda.

Imran raised some questions in his speech and said he had just said yesterday that the Army chief should be appointed on merit to strengthen the institute, what was wrong with this statement? 

He said he also said in yesterday's speech that Nawaz Sharif and Zardari should not choose a new army chief because they are involved in money laundering so what is wrong with this demand?

Especially when Nawaz League in Dawn Leaks termed a Pakistani army chief of that time General Rahil Sharif a “Head of the terrorists” and Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of that time met Indian PM Modi secretly against the army. On the other hand, Asif Zardari in the Memo gate scandal requested Americans to save him and his government from the Pakistan army, he added.

He reiterated his stance that he does not want to fight with any country even USA. He also said he was ready to talk and friendship with India if it give rights to Kashmiris but would not compromise on the independence of Pakistan.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a big public meeting at the Ring Road Peshawar on Tuesday evening. Female members, activists and followers of PTI also participated in a big number in the rally.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, Health Minister Taimur Jhagra and some other provincial ministers also joined the rally.

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