Naila Jaffery’s prayers answered

Sindh government to cover veteran actress’ cancer treatment costs

By: News Desk      Published: 10:52 AM, 7 Apr, 2021
Naila Jaffrey
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Naila Jaffery’s prayers have been answered. The acting sensation of the Pakistani showbiz industry in the 1990s has been struggling with ovarian cancer for the last six years and recently she demanded the government to take an active part in financially supporting senior members from the arts and sports sector. 

The Sindh Culture Department came to the rescue and declared that they are willing to bear all of her treatment costs as Naila had laid out a request for royalties to be paid for the re-run of her dramas so that her cancer treatment expenses can be successfully managed and covered.

Sindh Minister for Culture Sardar Ali Shah has agreed to cover all costs which will be paid by the Sindh government.

Here is Sardar Ali Shah’s response to Naila Jaffery’s plea:

 “Culture department will happily bear all her expenses. Can anyone share her contact number?”

Naila Jaffery recently laid her heart out on social media regarding a very demanding matter she feels passionate about.

 Naila recorded a video to get her message across: “For the last six years, I [have been bound] with hospitals, as well as illness and cancer. I also have not had my second round of chemo either because of persistent infection and during this time I have wondered, ‘what if the government lends a hand in this? What if they set up some policies for older people from the arts and sports sector?”Naila demanded.

She further added: “When I initially joined PTV I would get royalties for re-run shows and while that amount was nowhere near enough, I still got something and liked having a stream of disposable income on the side. 

“I have been confined to a hospital bed for six years now and while everyone has supported me, loved me, helped me and motivated me I wish there was some way to gain royalties on some of my last re-run plays. 

“While I understand that it might not look like a lot to many people, for people like me who stopped working years ago, this support becomes important. I request and demand that something be done for senior artists in the future since it’s become harder and harder for us to manage,” Naila laid out her request.

The 41-year-old veteran actress has portrayed brilliant acting skills in various dramas including ‘Maa Mujh ko Sulana’, ‘Mausam’, ‘Lamha Lamha Zindagi’, ‘Thodi Si Khushiyan’ and many more. However, the star had to leave her passion for acting behind when she was diagnosed with ‘ovarian cancer’.