‘Dramatic’ Hira Mani shares ‘meaningful’ pictures with her husband

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 12:29 PM, 7 Aug, 2021
‘Dramatic’ Hira Mani shares ‘meaningful’ pictures with her husband

It seems that 32-year-old Hira Mani has a lot of content in store for her social media handles and this time the Pakistani diva has shared a bunch of ‘meaningful’ pictures with her spouse, Mani.

Mrs Mani can be seen rocking a dramatic liner look while she poses for the camera with Mr Mani standing behind her posing with his own ‘smug’ expression.

Hira’s caption however definitely goes with her post because she certainly does look like a ‘dramatic’ goddess ready to take on the world.

Here is Hira’s caption: “So apparently I am dramatic.”

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The background music of another post shared by the showbiz personality is: “App ki nazron ne samjha pyaar ke kabil humein” while we can see a collage of close snapshots of Mrs Mani’s face.


Pakistani star Hira has shared another ‘fun’ clip on her platform in which there is an intense dance practice going on and the actress can be seen donning a black shirt.

Standing in middle of other dance partners, Hira sways effortlessly while initially she takes the hands of the girls standing beside her in order to carry out a particular dance step.