Hira Mani's latest video with son hints towards inherited talent 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:16 PM, 7 Dec, 2021
Hira Mani's latest video with son hints towards inherited talent 

Actress Hira Mani's captivating personality traits have definitely been inherited by her son as he proves to be equally talented yet charming in latest video circulating on the internet.

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The actress who mostly approaches situations with a very laid back attitude has lately posted a video of herself with son while the young man takes over the screen in order to impress Hira's fan following with his innocent yet confident nature.

As soon as Hira's son starts the video with uttering a proper greeting, the Pakistani star tries to annoy him by indulging in some affectionate smooches but the focused lad is in no mood for fun and wants to seriously address the people watching him.

The son taunts Hira of disrupting his introduction of the video and soon after proceeds with his rant during which he also had to correct the mother for obliviously asking fans to do something which doesn't take place on Instagram. 

Hira Mani's sentiments for her son throughout the video are filled with patience and caution as she also utters sorry here and there.

Seems like Hira's son is equally talented when it comes to portraying an astonishing level of confidence and charm. 

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