Hareem Shah's confident dance on 'Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai' in Turkey metro

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 02:28 PM, 8 Nov, 2021
Hareem Shah.
Hareem Shah.

Well celebrated TikToker Hareem Shah is currently in Turkey with her fast friend and TikToker Sundal Khattak. Seems like both of the social media personalities have the strong urge to share lots and lots of content on their platforms while they are experiencing the wonders of Turkey.

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However we have an update for you from Hareem Shah which might delight you or shock you: Hareem has been spotted dancing rather self assuredly in a Turkey metro. Seems like the overly excited ladies are in no mood to neglect any kind of experience. Dancing in a metro: Sounds like checking off an item from the 'adventures to do in this lifetime' list? 

Wearing an oversized grey hoodie, Hareem sways to the lyrics of a Bollywood song known as 'Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai'. Sundal Khattak who might be Hareem's designated photographer for the trip captures Hareem's enthralling experience with seamless ability.

The TikToker sways to the song making sure to cover every inch of the metro which by the looks of it is almost empty.

Another fact which interests us quite a lot is Hareem and Sundal's matching attires during the trip. The social media divas have developed a strong bond which is quite inspirational.

There is a picture which has emerged on social media which might succeed in shocking you to the core. Hareem Shah has shared a picture of someone's hand on her Instagram handle. While the hand looks quite manly, there is an 'H' carved on it with we are assuming quite a lot of aggression. This is horrendous and makes us ponder on the fact that renowned social media personalities with massive fan following have a certain responsibility to be promoting the right kind of content: Pictures and videos which are acceptable and indicate the right kind of message. 

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