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Published: 12:02 AM, 8 Nov, 2022
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♦ Supreme Court's order registering a case of an attack on Imran Khan; If the case is not registered within 24 hours, suo moto notice will be taken, says chief justice; Punjab government refused to register the case, say IGP; No one will interfere with legal action, If someone intervenes, then we will intervene, says CJ 

♦ How many bullets were fired? The mystery is unsolved; Imran Khan claims to have been hit by 4 bullets; Babar Awan says Imran Khan was shot by AK47

♦ Imran Khan take a U-turn again;  Date of long march was pushed forward; The long march will now start on Thursday instead of Tuesday; Imran Khan will come back with the election date; It is not possible for Pakistan Army to go against us and him; Appointment of army chief is not my issue

♦ Blood marcher Imran Khan wants more bloodshed, Sharjeel Memon; The wandering soul did not come to Kochin even after the attack drama flopped, Sharjeel Memon; Imran Khan wants to add 3 false names in FIR; If the Chief Minister of Punjab does not agree on the names, why are people being fooled? Sharjeel Memon considers false announcements to be a joke

♦ Imran Khan was not hit by 4 bullets, says Interior Minister; I will leave politics if Imran Khan gets 4 bullets; Imran Khan chose 3 names to spread riots, Interior Minister; Fulfill your desire to nominate us in the Imran Khan case, Interior Minister; No matter how much you want to investigate, Naveed is the real suspect in the attack on Imran Khan; The provincial government has arrested a handful of people for protesting

♦ Rana Tanveer Hussain calls the attack on Imran Khan a drama; Imran Khan was expelled in a constitutional manner, the outcry is baseless, Imran Khan makes a drama, now the drama of the attack is created by Rana Tanveer; Governor Raj could be imposed if law and order situation created

♦ PTI's announcement to keep Motorway M2 closed for 3 days; Agitated workers blocked the motorway from both sides; No vehicle will run on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Wasiq Qayyum; Due to the protest, the citizens of Rawalpindi, Islamabad faced severe difficulties

♦ PTI protests, public apathy; The leaders started taking out their anger on their own workers; During the protest on Murree Road, the workers had a bitter exchange; Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chauhan slapped the worker participating in the demonstration; He slapped you as his child, Fayazul Hasan

♦ Progress in PTI Long March firing probe; CTD detained another accused; So far 5 suspects are in custody including Naveed, the main accused

♦ A man attempts to commit suicide in Rawalpindi, he climbed an electric pole and touched wires and fell down; his condition is stated to be critical.

♦ Request for issuance of NOC for PTI rally; Islamabad High Court issued a notice to the district administration; If both parties want to sit and talk, they can do it, the court observes; If nothing is decided, the court will decide the case, Justice Amir Farooq

♦.CCPO  Ghulam Mahmood Dogar challenges the suspension; Federal government hastily suspended the application; The Chief Minister of Punjab has the authority to appoint and transfer CCPO; the Federation interfered in provincial autonomy, 

♦ World Conference on Climate Change in Egypt; Prime Minister's efforts to help flood victims; Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's meetings with world leaders; Meeting with leaders of UAE, Iraq, and Tajikistan; Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also met the President of Indonesia; A photo session was also held at the opening ceremony of the conference

♦  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will visit Pakistan this month; Mohammed bin Salman is expected to visit Pakistan in third week; Saudi Crown Prince is likely to visit Pakistan on November 21

♦  Aminul Haq angry with his own government criticizes the finance minister; Finance Minister should change his attitude, Relief should be given to IT and telecom industry, Aminul Haq

♦  Arshad Sharif's post-mortem; Hearing on mother's plea against non-furnishing of report; Islamabad High Court issues notice to the parties; A response has been sought by November 15

♦  Good news for residents of Karachi;  Test drive of the electric bus service started in Karachi; Sharjeel Memon himself also travelled in the bus; The fare of electric buses will also be reduced, Sharjeel Memon

♦  Second phase referendum for the independence of Khalistan in Canada; Voting in various cities including Toronto and Mississauga; There was a rush of Sikh voters at the polling stations and long queues; Voters demand the independence of Khalistan from India

♦ Baba Guru Nanak's birthday celebrations.; Sikh pilgrims perform rituals

♦ The second and last lunar eclipse of the year; Eclipse will begin at 1:20 pm;  At 4 o'clock the eclipse will be at its peak; Eclipse will end at 6:56 PM

♦ Rain, cold winds. The weather starts to change; Karachi has light rain; Cold winds in Islamabad, Lahore, Gujranwala

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