Ahmed Mujtaba to get training from Khabib

By: News Desk      Published: 06:20 PM, 9 Feb, 2021
Ahmed Mujtaba to get training from Khabib

Pakistan’s Mixed Martial Arts champion Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba has eyed to get trained from now-retired unbeaten UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and become the first Pakistani to represent the country at the elite sports event UFC.

Talking to the fastest bowler ever the cricketing world has seen so far, Shoaib Akhtar in his YouTube Channel, he said he also could become the next Khabib if got proper support and training.

The Rawalpindi Express Shoaib also revealed that Ahmed Mujtaba had promised him to go for a ‘kill’ against the Indian fighter, Rahul Raju in the very first round.

And he kept his promise as he knocked down the Indian fighter in the very first round in just 56 seconds to lift the Pakistan flag high in Singapore on Kashmir Day.

However, Ahmed felt for Rahul who has ended up in the hospital since his lost to Ahmed and wished him a speedy recovery.

He said he trained hard as MMA was the mixture of all the available fighting styles and revealed that he is used to running almost nine kilometres daily on an uphill road in the capital Islamabad.

He also urged all the youngsters to join the MMA and trained as it was necessary for them for a healthy lifestyle.

Ahmed said he would start training with Khabib soon and wanted to become the first Pakistani to represent the country in the USA.

However, he was happy that he was able to participate in the One Championship, the top MMA event in Asia.

On a question, Ahmed said he did not feel that Khabib would come out from the retirement as he has promised with his mother and being Muslim he won’t go against his words.

Ahmed said Khabib was used to be trained with his father and it would be very difficult for him to stage a comeback as the fight needs a complete concentration as it is always a life and death scenario in the ring.

He said he could also become next Khabib if he got proper support.

Ahmed said he even has to sign on death warrants before a fight that if something happened to him the organisers won’t be held responsible.

“When we put our life on the line with an aim to represent the country and raise the country’s flag high, we deserve to be supported, sponsored and get some recognition.”

Upon this, Shoaib promised to continue supporting Ahmed and find a sponsor for him so that he could achieve his goals and raise Pakistan’s flag high in the world.

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