Humaima Malick complains about catching ‘evil eyes’ which landed her in hospital 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 02:17 PM, 9 Nov, 2021
Humaima Malick in hospital.
Humaima Malick in hospital.

Actress Humaima Malick is hospitalized and has shared pictures of herself lying on the hospital bed while she poses with an expression laced with weakness which has been caused by a ruptured appendix. 

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The celebrated Pakistani star has been spotted on a hospital bed with a drip attached to her hand. In the caption of her post, Humaima has stated that she needs prayers.

In another post shared by Humaima, the celebrity has reflected upon how the evil eye can cause someone's absolute doom. Also, Humaima has hinted towards jealousy being the reason behind various miseries of life.

Furthermore, the actress has urged everyone to only want good for others. Humaima wrote: "22 hours in Istanbul with a ruptured appendix without knowing it. I have seen death. Almighty has granted me health. Please be kind with everyone around you, life is too short."

Humaima Malick has asked her massive fan following to pray for her. May the adorable actress get well soon!

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