PPP terms EVMs a new poll-rigging scheme of PTI

By: 24 News      Published: 08:38 PM, 10 Aug, 2021
PPP terms EVMs a new poll-rigging scheme of PTI

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Tuesday termed the electronic voting machine (EVM) a new scheme of rigging from the PTI government and demanded the election commission to take notice of it.

According to the 24News HD TV channel, PPP leader Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said introducing an EVM from the PTI government was tantamount to interfering in the powers of the commission who was constitutionally responsible to conduct the polls.

Former chairman senate said the EVM was the PTI's new plan to steal votes in the upcoming election.

He said the PTI government did not take the stakeholders, including the election commission, parliament and the opposition parties into confidence on the matter of EVMs.

The PPP leader said that ignoring the opposition had made the voting machine a suspicious matter.

Bukhari suggested the government take the example of other countries where voting machines were not being used for the election process.

He said the opposition had strong reservations over the matter of EVMS, adding that Imran Khan’s government was making the issue of election reforms controversial.

Reporter Usman Javed

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