Tempers fray after Hareem Farooq’s body-shaming haunts Faryal Mehmood

By: News Desk      Published: 11:30 AM, 10 Aug, 2021
Tempers fray after Hareem Farooq’s body-shaming haunts Faryal Mehmood

Pakistani model and actress Faryal Mehmood is in deep trouble for portraying severe double standards in ‘Timeout with Ahsan Khan’.

During the much-absorbing episode, Ahsan Khan and Faryal Mehmood indulged into various topics however Ahsan also asked Faryal regarding the statement she made about Hareem Farooq that the renowned actress wouldn’t be able to ‘fit in the car’ because she is fat.

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Miss Mehmood was absolutely confident about this topic as she chose to reveal the details with a self-assured demeanour: Faryal declared that she went to a certain show and in that very segment the dancer was given a few names including Hareem Farooq’s.

Miss Mehmood was then asked regarding which of these people would she choose to sit with in her car.

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As all of the candidates except for Hareem were her friends so she chose to exclude Miss Farooq from the list and when actress Faryal was asked the reason behind not choosing Hareem, Faryal clearly stated: Because Hareem won’t fit in the car.

The showbiz personality also revealed that Hareen had taken offence to her statement but she meant it just as a joke.

Also Faryal believes that it’s no big deal because she was once fat too therefore she has no reason to body-shame anyone else.

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Now these statements which Miss Mehmood had indulged in during Ahsan Khan’s show has enraged the netizen community and people are calling out Faryal Mehmood for her intense ‘hypocrisy’ traits.

One social media user commented: “If you have been through it then be a little sensitive about it. All the more reason for you NOT to body shame someone.”

Another social media user commented: “Wow! The ‘ignorance is bliss’ and ‘been there, done that’ all in one!”