Taken for granted omelette now a luxury

By: Raja Arsalan Khan      Published: 06:10 PM, 10 Oct, 2020
Taken for granted omelette now a luxury

Once upon a time in Purana Pakistan, most of the people used to have omelette every morning. It was just a routine item in breakfast, but still much fascinated and awaited for to start a new day with an energy boost.

However, the things are changing and changing fast as promised in Naya Pakistan with no aspect of daily life being missed from the effects of much-awaited change. So why this omelette should be an exception? Does it enjoy immunity? And the answer is a big NO.

Therefore, the news is that you must start thinking about the alternatives as the much-wanted omelette is falling prey to this change. The US dollar is certainly a replacement given that one dollar is now available for just over Rs163 while one dozen eggs are being sold for Rs159.

It’s certainly a change given that the experts in Purana Pakistan used to warn about the possibility of paying a dollar for one litre of petrol. But in Naya Pakistan, we, at least the PTI government, can claim that the dollar should now be compared with the native eggs, unlike the petrol which is a foreign influence. Sorry! An imported product.

Meanwhile, the omelette may be jubilant now for being priced so high and becoming a luxury. You people were taking it just for granted. 

Talking about the luxury, please start calculating the per-omelette cost when the onion is available for Rs100 per kg, tomatoes for Rs180 per kg, ginger for over Rs400 per kg, green chillies for over Rs600 kg and a few leaves of coriander – once a free item – for at least Rs20.