Taliban govt in Afghanistan: US needs Pakistan's support 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:25 AM, 10 Sep, 2021
Taliban govt in Afghanistan: US needs Pakistan's support 

Senior journalists and analysts have questioned if the announcement of the Afghan cabinet's oath-taking on September 11 is a message to the US from the Taliban that no superpower of the world can defeat them.

The US CIA chief's visit to India and Pakistan is very significant, Salim Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmed, PJ Mir and Javed Iqbal remarked during 24NewsHD TV programme DNA on Thursday. 

Washington has realised the importance of Islamabad for holding talks with the Taliban on forming a government in Afghanistan, they opined.

Salim Bokhari said that had Pakistan not extended help, foreign troops' pullout would have been out of the question.

The US needs Pakistan's support that's why the CIA chief has heaped praise on Pakistan for assisting in securing troops pullout and foreigners' evacuation.

Iftikhar Ahmed said the US too has reservations about the Taliban's governing body as they did not provide the local women with their due share in power.

The Taliban have banned women from participating in cricket and other sports, he said, adding that the US and the West would not extend help to the Taliban if they don’t show respect to women.

PJ Mir said the celebrations in Afghanistan may prove to be temporary.  Severe financial difficulties await the Taliban, he said and raised concerns at the possibility of drought and starvation in war-torn Afghanistan.

Iftikhar Ahmed cast doubt on the US claims to have spent too much money in Afghanistan and stressed that had the US did so, poverty would have been alleviated.

Commenting on PPP's criticism of PDM parties, especially PML-N, Salim Bokhari said that everyone knows what politics the PPP did in the Senate elections.

He said Imran Khan cannot be ousted if the opposition parties join hands but this did not seem to be the case. Iftikhar Ahmad said a coalition government comprising disgruntled PTI leaders and the PML-Q can be set up.  

PJ Mir said the Punjab government has launched a costly publicity campaign on its three-year performance. Javed Iqbal said unprecedented price hikes have been adding to public woes.

Public feelings and emotions are the biggest white paper against the government, he added.

The election commission's reservations about electronic voting machines also came under discussion during the programme.