Mathira says Iman Ali needs mental help

By: News Desk
Published: 04:28 PM, 11 Jun, 2021
Mathira says Iman Ali needs mental help
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The most common occurrence on social media? Giving protocol to a minute disruption and then letting it reach a very prominent dimension. 

A dimension in which everyone feels the need to disclose their opinion regarding the trending subject as remaining quiet would prove to divert the attention to those proclaiming long speeches in order to be heard?

This is social media my friends. A very dangerous area if not dealt with carefully.

Now we all know that supermodel Iman Ali is being criticized mercilessly over every other social media platform and the reason for that is her careless declaration in which she took the term ‘khusra’ in a derogatory manner.

Already been badly insulted by popular anchor person Rabia Anum who called Iman a ‘stupid actor’ demanding for her mouth to be zipped shut and then receiving a long lecture from trans model and actor Kami Sid over how Iman should acknowledge that we are all Allah’s creation which makes us equal therefore there is no need to act superior.

Now, ‘poor’ Iman has to listen to model and host Mathira’s rant.

However, Mathira has chosen to approach the matter very differently and in an attempt to tell everyone to leave Iman alone she also declared that Iman Ali is mentally challenged.

Mathira declared “I don’t know why words like ‘khusra’ or ‘maasi’ are used to insult someone. They’re not swears, please. Iman is a very pretty lady and she needs help mentally. But to all the people, don’t use these words like swears; it’s not right.”

So, Mathira wants you to know that Iman is a very pretty lady HOWEVER she needs help mentally.

We should applaud Mathira’s ‘mental’ intellect for coming up with such a ‘wise’ observation.

Mathira further mentioned, “Mental health is a major concern in our society and the people who are trolling her in the comments section are the same people who must have used these terms to insult others too. Please stop highlighting this when it’s evident she is walking on thin ice mentally.”

According to Mathira, Iman is ‘walking on thin ice mentally’.

Therefore she wants you to leave Iman alone and further mentions that it is fine to let go of someone’s mistake instead of ‘rubbing it in’.

One thing which we were able to extract from Mathira’s ‘unusual’ support and it also made a lot of sense for us was how she revealed a very obvious subject here.

Everyone who is trolling Iman Ali for using the term ‘khusra’ must also have used these kinds of terms during normal occurrences in their everyday lives too.

However now that a public figure has said something like this during a popular show has given everyone the opportunity to attack but it is always a wise move to first be accountable for your deeds and do some introspection.

Iman Ali through revealing chunks of her insecurities has made us acknowledge that she lacks self-love so would it be wise to troll a person who is already so broken from inside?

It would be morally correct to apply the statement of ‘live and let live’ here and maybe let the supermodel relax?