Are you a ‘Perfectionist’? Find out through these eight mind-blogging traits 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 05:35 PM, 12 Apr, 2021
Are you a ‘Perfectionist’? Find out through these eight mind-blogging traits 

Are you contemplating on whether you are too perfect or too incompatible to be ‘a perfect human being’?

Have you ever wondered why some of your traits might consist of always reaching that one crucial stage of perfectionism?

Why do you feel an intense need to comply with ‘perfectionism’ in all stages of life? It could be as simple as completing a task ‘the right way’ with no space for any ‘incompetent moves’ and the outcome should be just ‘perfect’. 

This habit of yours bothering you too much? Well, the first basic step to find a solution would be to dive deep. Dive deep into the definition and analysis of what actually is perfect and what is a perfectionist?

In this article, we will help you by telling you the basic proper traits and thought process which goes behind achieving the ultimate level of perfectionism.

Did you know that due to the desire of completing the task just right, perfectionist tends to be more tensed and this leads to them not being able to achieve goals the way they would have if they had imposed less burden of ‘what ifs’ on their mind?

Let’s put it simply: Perfectionist want to achieve perfection but somehow usually end up not achieving it. 

The Extremist: 

A perfectionist possesses an extreme approach towards everything in particular. If a task is perfect but is halfway achieved, it holds no importance to a perfectionist. Why? Because it lacks in the other area. The perfectionist wants their goals to be achieved all the way. No element of it should be missing. Even if the tiniest aspect is lacking, the task is ‘incomplete’ and no it is in no way perfect. For a perfectionist, it is either all or none.  

Too condemning:

Those who seek perfection find even the smallest of flaws in themselves and others. For them those flaws are unacceptable. Perfectionist focuses more on the lacking aspect than the accomplishments. An accomplishment would make them happy but a defeat would give them double the stress. They would mostly be seen giving a hard time to themselves and others for their ‘flaws’ and mistakes.

Driven by insecurities:  

Perfectionism can create insecurities. What drives a person to reach his/her goal? Utter motivation and determination. But it is very different for a perfectionist. They are driven towards their goals by developing intense insecurity of failure. They get scared of the outcome. Always relying on ‘what ifs’. They hate to be defeated and it is the force that motivates them to achieve bigger. 

Believing in unrealistic outcomes:

Simply put, perfectionist does not possess a ‘real mentality’. They always think of doing the impossible, reaching the highest unattainable level of perfection. Therefore their goals are too unrealistic and they set out to achieve them believing that they can.

Result Orientated:

When one is set to achieve something in life, the whole development stage of the process of achieving the goal is the one that makes one learn and grow so that the outcome is hard-earned. However, perfectionist just wants to skip the process and fast forward towards the end. They just care about winning. They just care about the goal being met with unrealistically high standards.

Deeply affected by failure:

Perfectionists can’t handle unachieved goals. They can’t handle failure. If something does not go according to plan, perfectionist goes through deep stages of self-pity and doubt. They can also be heavily depressed and can’t stop thinking about what went wrong. 


As fear is the force that drives a perfectionist towards achieving a goal, they are too keen to get the task just right. However, they are so scared of the outcome that they tend to delay their tasks.  

Can’t handle criticism:

Perfectionist can’t handle anyone giving them advice about how to do better. They can’t handle anyone criticizing them. They tend to get very defensive if someone tries to offer a piece of advice on how they can improve. 

We really hope this in-depth analysis of each and every trait that a perfectionist possesses helped you in figuring out if these qualities are ingrained in you too and now that you are so well aware of why you want to achieve perfectionism so badly, you might be able to seek solutions and build a more positive mindset about how to try and build a more mild nature which doesn’t focus on extremism and a strong desire to win.