Fahad Mustafa donates Rs2 million for treatment of thalassemia child

By: News Desk
Published: 03:22 PM, 12 May, 2021
kind gesture
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Pakistani film/television actor and producer Fahad Salahuddin more commonly known as Fahad Mustafa has taken upon himself to impress the public time and time again through his awe-inspiring stunts speaking volumes of his humility and inspirational nature.

This time Fahad decided to take part in an exceedingly good deed.

During the transmission of Shan-e-Ramazan, a Hindu father and son decided to put forward an issue that was deeply bothering them.

The father was in a state of turmoil as his son is a thalassemia patient and naturally he requires a considerable amount for his son’s treatment.

The father who is a veterinary doctor hadn’t been able to convince anyone to contribute towards the cause as no one was willing to donate for a Hindu child. 

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Then as always, a kind-hearted hero came to the rescue.

Pakistani actor and producer Fahad Mustafa was taken on call during the transmission and he ended up donating a large sum of 2 million rupees (20 lakh) for the treatment of the child.

Intending for the money to be used for the bone marrow transplant. 

This is an act of sheer humanity portraying itself in those who are blessed with giving hearts and help others in need.

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Fahad said, “I would give 20 lakhs to them for treatment. This is because I want other people to show some concern and come forward.”

Fahad’s sole cause for the donation definitely relied on concern for the kid however his biggest intention was to set an example so that others would feel a sense of obligation and do their required part.

Fahad Mustafa is widely recognized for the portrayal of brilliant hosting skills in Jeeto Pakistan.