This toddler was crawling on the highway...!

By: News Desk      Published: 12:19 PM, 12 Oct, 2020
This toddler was crawling on the highway...!

Artist and composer Michael Andreas shared a video on his official Facebook page of a truck driver. The truck driver was enroute to his destination on the highway when he saw a crawling toddler in the middle of the road all of nowhere.

The 19-year-old artist sharing the video said, “This toddler was crawling on the Highway.”

A truck driver was driving smoothly on his routine then he saw something on the road putting him in a situation where he questioned himself is there something on the road was it a glitch in the eyes?

“It’s a baby crawling on the road. The driver hits the break hard to save the baby as the baby was all alone on the road.”

The musician shared the video and commented that this was an example of poor parenting and how a toddler all alone could come on the main road.

Michael Andreas advised people to drive carefully and asked parents to always keep your kids insight. He also shared another video of a toddler, who fell from the 4th floor in St Petersburg, Russia but thanks to the two joggers who were resting nearby the apartment and grabbed the toddler quickly.