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Published: 10:05 PM, 14 Jul, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines at 24Digital
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♦Supreme Court also rejected foreign conspiracy claims; the Imran government neither conducted inquiry over ‘conspiracy’ nor present any evidence before the court; SC issued a detailed judgment against the rolling of the Deputy Speaker; The alleged letter regarding external interference was received on March 7; The government did not present the facts to the opposition till March 31; The Deputy Speaker's rolling motion did not state who was involved in the overthrow of the government

♦ Supreme Court has declared the decision of the Deputy Speaker to reject the no-confidence motion unconstitutional while Imran Khan's order to dissolve the assemblies has been declared illegal; Deputy Speaker does not enjoy constitutional protection; The Deputy Speaker personally decided to give the roll call at the behest of the Law Minister; The cipher was not presented in the National Assembly; No member of the National Assembly was allowed to speak on the cipher; The Deputy Speaker gave a ruling under Article 5 which was not within his jurisdiction;

♦President, PM, law minister, the deputy speaker have violated the Constitution; Article 5 of the Constitution calls for loyalty to the Constitution; Article 5 has been used as a violation of the Constitution; there is a way to take action under Article 6 for violating the constitution; Additional note of Justice Mazhar Alam Mian Khel; Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhel wrote that the demand for early general elections in the country is tantamount to reviving the ideology of necessity;

♦ He is the first politician to be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court; Treason cases should be framed against the violators of the constitution; Is; As difficult decisions as they should have been, good news will come;

♦ Imran Khan sticks to his guns; says a secret letter was sent to the Chief Justice for inquiry; He also placed the letter before the cabinet, parliament and the NSC; What more could he have done? What the court said hurt him a lot; Whom did Chief Justice Donald Lowe send a message to remove Imran Khan? Will go

♦ Fawad Chaudhry rushed to the judiciary against the verdict against him; He said that the Establishment is bleeding to make political decisions; It is not possible for judges and generals to decide separately in closed rooms every day; Court decisions will be overturned in Parliament; Judges should be punished for breaking the constitution;

♦ The government has initiated proceedings under Article 6; Rana Sanaullah says the government is bound to take action, there is no other way; The speaker is also bound to send references; I am ready to arrest Imran Khan for violating the constitution; done; The court declared the rolling of the deputy speaker unconstitutional; The hasty decision to dissolve the assemblies was based on malice;

♦ Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz welcomes the detailed decision of the Supreme Court; The Supreme Court clarified that there was no conspiracy; Those who violated the constitution will have to be brought to book; The people will also reject this conspiratorial group in the by-elections;

♦ After the decision of the Supreme Court, Senator Dr; Afnanullah submitted a resolution in the Senate; Demanding action under Article 6 against Imran Khan, Arif Alvi, Fawad Chaudhry and Qasim Suri;

♦ The Election Commission took notice of Imran Khan allegations; 

♦The federal government has decided to form a commission to investigate the allegations of Tayyaba Gul; The commission will investigate the allegations and evidence of Tayyaba Gul

♦The agreement reached between Pakistan and the IMF; The previous government did not implement the agreement, which affected Pakistan's financial position, foreign exchange reserves, and the value of the rupee

♦ Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will address the nation shortly; He will announce a reduction in petroleum prices and take the nation in confidence in the decisions taken regarding the economy; According to sources, petrol can be cheaper by Rs 18 and high-speed diesel by Rs 33 per liter;

♦ Agreement with IMF, rise in Pakistan stock market, the rupee also strengthened; In the interbank market, the dollar fell by 30 paisa to 209 rupees and 80 paisa

♦ Parliament attack case; government has filed an appeal in the Islamabad High Court against the acquittal of Imran Khan; An appeal was also filed against the acquittal of Imran Khan; An appeal was also filed against the acquittal of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pervez Khattak and Asad Umar;

♦ Second monsoon spell begins in Karachi; Rain with strong winds in different parts of the country; Heavy rain in Gujranwala, Gujarat, Jhelum, Nankana Sahib;

♦ Power shortfall in the country has been reduced to 3,869 MW;  

♦Corona kills 2 more people; 390 new cases in 24 hours

♦Inflation in the United States accelerated further. Petrol and food prices broke the record of the last forty years; According to the US Department of Labour, inflation rose another 1.3 percent in May, bringing the inflation rate to 9.1 percent

♦Violent protests in Sri Lanka could not be stopped. The Prime Minister extended the nationwide curfew till Friday morning to stop the protests. The fugitive Sri Lankan president reached Singapore from the Maldives. Rajapaksa has tendered his resignation to the Speaker of Parliament

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