When scholars wed, books take centre stage

By: News Desk      Published: 07:19 PM, 14 Mar, 2021
When scholars wed, books take centre stage

It is well-known that books are the best companion for a person in life. And it can only understand those well who are in the addiction of book-reading. Though in the present times, the digital revolution has already affected people’s habits a lot and has taken a special toll on book-reading habits.

However, there are still many who cherish every opportunity to get their hands on a good book despite the fast-paced nature of the life the humans are currently experiencing in a modernising world.

The same was true for a bride in Charsadda who set a new example for others on the eve of her marriage by seeking the companionship of the books from her future companion.

As the bride turned over a new page in her life, she sought Rs100000 worth of books in Haq Mehar from her husband instead of gold, money, property or other valuables that usually brides cherish.

The bride, Naila Shumal Safi, a bride who has her interests in the literary world, said due to inflation not everyone can afford the books so she has demanded the books in her Haq Mehar.

And her demand was happily fulfilled by the groom, Dr Sajjad, and the same condition has been mentioned on their marriage certificate as well.

Groom Dr Sajad said they both were class fellow in the Peshawar University and it was their love marriage.

He said they had preferred the books over the useless marriage traditions.

It is said that matches are made in heaven and this book-loving couple has proved this after starting the journey of life and knowledge together.

The story was contributed by Manzoor Hussain

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