'Irresponsible' Mirza face the music

'Irresponsible' Mirza face the music

Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken serious notice of ‘non-serious’ attitude of Special Assistant on Health Dr Zafar Mirza towards the top court’s queries.

A couple of days ago, the Supreme Court snubbed the government for failing to devise a strategy to stem the spread of deadly coronavirus that resulted in leaving people especially day labour in the lurch.

According to sources, PM Imran Khan chided his aide for failure to present the government’s protective measures properly.

Special assistance is bound to present government’s endeavours to the top court properly, he (Zafar) failed to satisfy the court.

The sources said the prime minister showed dismay at the cabinet meeting. Imran Khan said the government respects the judiciary, the sources said, adding that such an attitude is intolerable.