Azhar rejects rumours about breakdown in Saudi-Pak relations

By: INP      Published: 11:16 PM, 15 Aug, 2020
Azhar rejects rumours about breakdown in Saudi-Pak relations

Rejecting rumours about breakdown in Saudi-Pak relations, Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar said the process of returning money to friendly countries is going on as per schedule.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore he said: “We fought the battle of Coronavirus in a good manner and we have to be careful in future also. There are brotherly relations with Saudi Arabia which will last forever. The rumors of a breakdown in the relationship are just rumours.”

The minister said that the country s economy was moving towards recovery. The current account deficit has reached $3 billion. Recent legislation will help to get off the FAFT gray list.

Asked about sugar prices, Azhar said it had been decided to import 300,000 tonne of sugar and inflation will come down in the coming months.

The minister also said that the previous government artificially controlled the value of the currency, which is why the dollar is in this situation today.