Veiled Sanam Chaudhry’s BIG NO to companies for promotion of their products

By: News Desk      Published: 02:36 PM, 16 Sep, 2021
Veiled Sanam Chaudhry’s BIG NO to companies for promotion of their products

Former actress Sanam Chaudhry has turned her full focus towards being a ‘Muslim, mother and learning Islam’. This initiative has led the former actress to decline PR’s as Sanam doesn’t want to promote any kind of worldly desire.

Sanam Chaudhry had been one of the influential actresses of the nation and acquired quite a lot of popularity due to adequate acting skills however previously she deleted all of her pictures from her Instagram handle except a few from her Nikkah and also changed her Instagram bio which now reads: “A muslim, a mother and learning Islam. The deen of our creator Allah.”

This decision was received with quite a lot of appreciation from her fans and former actress Noor Bukhari even congratulated Sanam on turning towards the right path.

However Mrs. Chohan has now taken to her Instagram handle in order to make an announcement for the PR companies.

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Sanam stated: “I shall not be taking PR’s from now on. As I understand that I am promoting Fitna, like any desire of buying things in anyone’s heart who can’t afford. I don’t want to disturb any mind or promote worldly desires in ones heart as I am helping myself coming out of this.

Sanam further wrote: “I am sorry to all the companies I have committed already. Please don’t send as I won’t be promoting. I promised myself to leave the worldly desires for Allah. How can I as a Muslim want my brother or sister to be in the situation I don’t want to be in.”

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Social media users made sure to leave positive comments on Mrs Chohan’s decision.

A netizen wrote: “Stay committed. May Allah make this path easy for you. Proud of you.”

Another social media user commented: “Allah has chosen you for his deen. Congratulations.”