Always wear what you want to: Mushk Kaleem

By: News Desk      Published: 12:57 PM, 17 Aug, 2020
Always wear what you want to: Mushk Kaleem

Mushk Kaleem has become a top model of Pakistan in a very short time.

From representing Pakistan at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week, to be valiant enough to speak against the industry's endless fixation with fair complexion, Kaleem is upping her game with every project she takes. 

In a recent interview with Voice over man which is hosted by Wajahat Rauf, model Mushk was asked should we always wear complete clothes. To which the model replied, “We should always wear the clothes we love too.”

Earlier, about her outlook on life, Kaleem shared, “I want people to know that I take modelling very seriously and as a proper job. I come from a house where four families were living in a three bedroom rented apartment so it’s been a big jump and one that I have earned. I supported myself through my college by working three jobs and have always been used to working hard for anything I wanted. Now, I support my two younger brothers with my income so, for me, this career allows me to be my family’s breadwinner.”

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