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Published: 10:00 PM, 17 Dec, 2021
10:00pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ The days of children's fun and sightseeing are back; Announcement of Winter Holidays in schools of Punjab; Educational institutions will be closed from December 23 to January 6, 2022; Federal educational institutions will have holidays from January 3 to January 9; Holidays in the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from January 3 to 12; Schools in mountainous areas will be closed from December 24 to February 28

♦ Local Holidays in Islamabad to start from 18th to 20th December; Holidays announced in the federal capital on the occasion of the OIC Foreign Ministers' Meeting; Sheikh Rasheed says mobile phone service will not be shut down in the city; says people will have difficulty getting around; Security plan prepared for the meeting; Unauthorized persons will be barred from entering the red zone

♦ Grade 1 to 7 employees reinstated; Employees of grade 8 and above will have to take the exam; Employees dismissed over misconduct and corruption won’t be reinstated; The Supreme Court accepted the government's suggestions; Sacked Employees Act 2010 declared null and void.;

♦ Justice Mansoor Ali Shah wrote dissents note in Sacked Employees case; Cases of the Sacked Employees Act 2010 should be heard on merit; Employees should be reinstated from the date they were fired; the parliament is supreme in the parliamentary system of government; Degrading the parliament is tantamount to degrading democracy

♦ In severe cold, the gas will disappear for many hours; Facility of geysers and heaters, gas for cooking are also not available; Worst load shedding in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala; Lahorites experience intermittent gas outages; Parents are forced to send their children without serving breakfast; Housewives say whether the husbands earn bread and butter or collect firewood

♦ PPP protests nationwide over gas crisis; In Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi, the roads were flooded; Violent protest in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana.; Demonstrations in Faisalabad, Multan, Layyah and Chiniot; Largest protest from Lasbela Chowk in Karachi; Saeed Ghani warns coal and wood will not be found in the coming days

♦ The promise of three times gas supply also turned out to be false; The problem is not the gas crisis, but the corruption and incompetence of the government; Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif criticized the government; says even the export industry is closed to gas; says If this is not incompetence and corruption then what else; says If industries do not get gas then where will taxes be collected

♦ Inflation reigns in the country despite government claims; The rate for those earning Rs17,000 per month has reached 21%; Prices of 17 items rose during the week; Pulses, ghee, electricity and wood all are expensive; ۔ The price of ‘Dal Masoor’ has gone up by Rs7.98 per kg; Salt is also expensive, the price has gone up to Rs 30 per kg.

♦ 17% increase in construction material prices; Now the budget for government projects will also have to be increased; a sack of cement costs Rs120; The price of steel has gone up from Rs125 to Rs150 per kg; The price of one thousand bricks of the first standard also went up by Rs500; Increase in recommendations of contractors approved; Application will be effective from January 1

♦ PM Imran Khan says discussions should be done on me, but on the opposition not; PM forbade the spokespersons to comment on Wajihuddin's statement about him; says the opposition leaders looted the national treasury; Without money laundering, the situation in the country would not be like this.; Shehbaz Sharif will have to give an account of a single penny; Says  after the economic recovery, inflation will come down further; Spokespersons should inform the public about the hopes of reducing inflation

♦ Election Commission is ready to conduct local body elections in Islamabad on electronic voting machines; Ministry of Science and Technology unable to provide 3900 machines; The Election Commission has written another letter to the Ministry; Ask for fifty machines to elect a mayor; Says first mock elections will be held then the machine will be used in real elections

♦ Compensation case against Khawaja Asif, PM's attendance through E-court; Imran Khan in his affidavit termed the allegations as baseless and fabricated; Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry lashes out at Khawaja Asif; says PML-N leader accused of misusing Shaukat Khanum funds; says If allegations are made then who will do welfare work in Pakistan; Like in the past, this time too, Khawaja Asif will face embarrassment

♦ Anti-Terrorism Court gives decision in the murder case of Orangi Pilot Project director Parveen Rehman after eight long years; The court sentenced the four accused to double life imprisonment for each; The accused includes Ayaz Shamzai, Rehman Swati, Pappu Kashmiri, Amjad Afridi and Imran Swati; Parveen Rehman was shot dead on his way home from his office in 2013

♦ Arsalan killed in fake police encounter in Karachi; Eyewitnesses in the court identified the accused; Record of the statement of former SHO Azam Gopang in court; Slogan of the relatives of the deceased at the appearance of the accused; Qadir Khan Mandokhel says that Azam Gopang was dressed in civilian clothes at the time of the incident

♦ Lahore High Court made big decision decides on fugitives accused abroad; Fugitive accused were given security guarantee on repatriation; Accused Azmatullah's security bail decision declared a judicial precedent; There can be no greater gift for a person than life and personal freedom written in a written decision

♦ Hundreds of security personnel, dozens of cameras; Decision to tighten the security of IG office in Lahore; Six-storey complex will be made "bomb proof"; "Strong room" is prepared in case of emergency; three doors will be bomb-proof; All staff including IG, Additional IGs, DIGs will be shifted to the building

♦ Young doctor’s protest in Quetta entered its 21st day; Work in OPDs and operation theatres remained closed.

♦ Walima ceremony of Junaid Safdar, son of PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz Sharif has kicked off in Lahore; the ceremony is being attended by relatives including Shehbaz Sharif and Hamza Shehbaz

♦ India defeated Pakistan in the Asian Hockey Champions Trophy tournament; India scored three goals while Pakistan scored one goal; Pakistan to take on South Korea tomorrow.

♦ Fog wave continues in plains of Punjab; Lahore airport closed for 14 hours; Due to inclement weather, 18 flights were cancelled in 24 hours, resulting in 22 delays; The direction was turned towards Islamabad; When the fog cleared, the motorway also opened

♦ Snow in the northern areas; Snowcapped mountains are treated to watch for the tourists as well as locals; Mercury fell to minus fifteen; Temperature in Kalat fell to minus twelve; icy winds in the mountains;  cold in Karachi also intensified

♦ MDL Beast Sound Storm Festival has kicked off in Saudi Arabia; the Four-day festival will feature live musical concerts. Famous local and foreign singers to perform; World-renowned DJ Morton will also be performing

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