Aamir Liaquat crossing ALL limits with new wife invites celebrities’ wrath 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 10:36 AM, 17 Feb, 2022
Aamir Liaquat crossing ALL limits with new wife invites celebrities’ wrath 
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Controversial ‘Nagin’ star Aamir Liaquat Hussain and his latest teen bride Dania Shah’s intimate videos have been emerging on the internet with appalling consistency ever since the duo’s marriage has been confirmed.

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However, the latest video posted by the young TikToker on her Instagram handle has it seems crossed all limits. This particular video has managed to shock netizens and also some of the prominent Pakistani celebrities who have taken to their social media handles to voice out their disapproval regarding the topic at hand.

In the latest romantic video, Aamir and Dania can be seen capturing content from the privacy of their bedroom, while they are lounging on the bed. However, the close proximity in which the couple is situated together with the TV host attempting to get quite reckless indulging in hugging his wife passionately, seems like Aamir is quite over the moon with getting married to the teen diva.

Aamir and his spouse are making sure to post a lot of fearless updates lately during which they can be seen indulging in actions that shouldn’t be made so public and this has caused some Pakistani stars to lash out at the couple.

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt stated: “When you post something from the privacy of your bedroom, just remember you invited the whole world in. So don’t complain after, if they don’t leave.

Actor Bilal Qureshi stated: “Someone said to me: “You are not viral material. You are just marriage material. Today I saw a video of some celebrity couple and I got to know what viral material actually is. #ThankGodImNot.”

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