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Published: 10:00 PM, 18 Jan, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines on 24Digital
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♦ PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz says the government is a guest for a few days; Says the ministers are insulting Imran on his face; Says Pakistan can no longer tolerate this government; Says the party leaders stand with Nawaz Sharif like a rock despite threats, despite the intimidation, greed and the worst kind of revenge

♦ Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry lashes out at the PML-N vice president; Says the children of Maryam Nawaz are also laughing at the words of her now;  The opposition has been dreaming of overthrowing the government for the very first year of PTI’s tenure; Says The opposition will also have to long for the next five years; Says the opposition is more interested to oust the government, rather doing reforms

♦ Incomplete medical reports of Nawaz Sharif were provided; The medical report of the international organization was not given; Can't advise incomplete and outdated reports; The Special Medical Board submitted the reply to the Health Department

♦ Bilawal Bhutto's offer to PDM; Says If PDM comes to our point, we can save the people from the government; Says will oust the government in a democratic way; Says those who have left the presidential system behind are being put behind the light of a truck; Says Pakistan's defence budget will be in the SBP. The PPP has decided to challenge the SBP Bill and other ordinances.

♦ PTI Member National Assembly Noor Alam Khan received show cause on allegations levelled against party leadership; Noor Alam Khan shared Quranic verse; Says that the phone number of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly is being used to incite people against me

♦ Big shock to PTI; Basic documents of foreign funding report will be made public; Including SBP, other banks and foreign reports; ECP has issued a written order; PTI had requested to keep the report confidential

♦ PPP leader Abdul Qadir Patel says sarcastically that Imran Khan walks around in disguise at night; Says the premier consoles himself by saying that he has not slept after eating any food

♦ Jamaat-e-Islami announced sit-ins across the country; Siraj-ul-Haq rejected the mini-budget; Says that PML-N and PPP are also responsible for inflation

♦ The government has blamed the farmers for the fertilizer crisis; Parliamentary Secretary Commerce Aliya Hamza says the farmers had more money

♦ Forced disappearances are tantamount to deviating from the constitution; Missing someone is the most serious crime; Every chief executive should be held responsible for enforced disappearances; If the state itself is involved in enforced disappearances, who will investigate; The state is helpless in the enforced disappearance of two brothers, remarks of Chief Justice Islamabad High Court in Mudassar Naro case Government ordered to take effective measures against enforced disappearances

♦ NCOC proposes to open educational institutions three days a week; Consultation on online education for seven days in Islamabad; Decision to seal educational institutions which do not comply with SOPs; Emphasis on measures for compulsory vaccination of students and teachers; Decision to seal nine more educational institutions in Islamabad

♦ The rate of positive cases has reached 39% in Karachi; 15% in Gujranwala, 14% in Hyderabad and 13% in Lahore

♦ In Karachi, Shah Rukh's killer was a police officer; Farzand Ali, a convicted criminal, used to commit robberies during the day and night duty; He has been jailed three times; Four cases have been registered in two police stations

♦ Police torture women in Quetta; Additional SHO Naveed Mukhtar and other officials were suspended; Chief Minister Abdul Quddos Bizenjo called for an investigation report; Police say the abduction of a girl named Zainab was reported by her father; The girl was living with her friends; The three were arrested after seeing her in the bazaar

♦ The incident of death of a patient in Services Hospital Lahore; More footage of the riot in the emergency room exposed the doctors' lies; Evidence of torture of relatives surfaced; Emergency was forcibly stopped by representatives of Young Doctors; No patient was treated for 4 hours.

♦ An explosion on the railway line in Bolan area of Balochistan derailed the Jaffer Express, injuring three passengers

♦ Saudi and Emirati planes bomb Houthi rebels in Yemen; Fourteen people, including women and children, were killed; Two ballistic missile launchers destroyed as key commander killed; A day earlier, three people, including a Pakistani, were killed in an attack by Houthi rebels.

♦ Coronavirus spread around the world; Another 2 million people were infected, 5,000 succumbed to the virus in one day; 400,000 in the United States; 110,000 in Spain; 100,000 in Argentina and France, respectively; 84,000 in the United Kingdom; The catastrophic situation prevails in India for the sixth day in a row; More than 200,000 cases confirmed

♦ Umrah pilgrims will have to stay in Saudi Arabia for five days in quarantine; Saudi Airlines issues new circular for Umrah pilgrims; Agents and booking centres barred from issuing tickets without quarantine bookings; Airline management instructed not to board passengers without quarantine package

♦ While addressing the World Economic Forum, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi left speechless when the prompter was switched off

♦ Blizzards in the United States and Canada disrupted livelihoods; 4,000 flights were cancelled; More than ninety thousand people lost power. Cars, buses, trucks got stuck on the roads

♦ Shehab Saqib will pass very close to the earth tonight from Burj Khalifa; Shahab Saqib is one kilometre wide, 1,502 meters long. 

♦. The 67th death anniversary of Saadat Hasan Manto is being observed; a unique and fearless writer of modern fiction

♦ Pakistan kicks off in Under-19 Cricket World Cup Beat Zimbabwe by 115 runs; Pakistan scored 315 runs while playing first; Zimbabwe could reach 200 runs; Haseebullah hit a brilliant century, declared man of the match

♦The trailer of the series ‘In From the Cold’ released; All set to start from January 28

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