Saba Qamar opens up about mental health issues

By: News Desk      Published: 02:23 PM, 18 Mar, 2020
Saba Qamar opens up about mental health issues

The narrative surrounding depression and mental health issues is steadily changing. More and more celebrities are sharing their stories surrounding their mental health, which helps to break many of the myths surrounding depression and other mental health illnesses.

Popular actress Saba Qamar has opened up on mental health problems and on the incident that really touched her heart while filming in Lahore.

The actress was responding to a fan during #AskSaba on Twitter.

The fan asked her about the incident that really touched her heart.

Taking on twitter, Saba said:  “Yes, I did one project near Lahore area where we shot for the whole day and there was a beautiful lady in a room made of mud with no fan and electricity.”

She continued saying: “And that time I realised how blessed we are so we should be always thankful to Allah for all the blessings that he has given us.”

She further adds, “I have actually been through a lot, and all I learned in my life is to let go off things that make you feel bad, accept your imperfections to keep going. Learn to talk your heart out, don’t take things too seriously, just stay true to yourself because #Itsokaynotbeokay.”