Hareem & husband's objectionable actions in NIGHT CLUB

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 11:48 AM, 19 Feb, 2022
Hareem & husband's objectionable actions in NIGHT CLUB
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TikTok star Hareem Shah and her better half Bilal Shah after visiting the hospital due to the TikToker falling victim to some unknown ailment, have now decided to wash off the impact that hospital gloominess tends to inflict by visiting a bustling nightclub in Turkey.

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In the latest video posted by Hareem Shah on her Instagram handle, she and her spouse are having an amazing time in the Turkish nightclub. During the update, Hareem’s relaxed sweetheart can be seen holding a drink, as far as one can speculate from all the factors being showcased in the video.

However, the funny part about this particular incident is that even though Bilal Shah is the one indulging in drinking, Hareem is the one eating the salty peanuts lying right in front of the duo. Synchronization skills on point? 

If you aren’t aware, people who like to have drinking sessions, mostly incorporate different kinds of nuts to munch on while they enjoy their drinks. 

Also, Hareem is spotted holding the love of her life so tightly indicating that the TikToker might be afraid her strong life partner would end up falling to the ground. 

Shedding light on another observation, Hareem Shah isn’t seen accompanying Bilal Shah in his drinking regime. Maybe Hareem isn’t too fond of the practise but doesn’t want to stop her husband in an attempt not to offend him?

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