Alert PIA pilots avoid mid-air collision

By: News Desk      Published: 11:39 AM, 19 Mar, 2020
Alert PIA pilots avoid mid-air collision

The spontaneous reaction and skills of the PIA pilots helped avoided mid-air collision between two planes over Kohat the other day.

According to details revealed Thursday, two PIA flights were flying over the region between Kohat and Cherat when the Air Traffic Controller System developed a fault. As the two planes got closer to a dangerous level, the air traffic controller from Karachi informed the two through “communication red wireless”.

One of the flights PK-352, heading towards Islamabad from Karachi, was at 26,000 feet altitude while moving down to get ready for landing. On the other hand, the London-bound PK-785 was at 15,000 feet after leaving Islamabad.

As the distance between the planes – Boeing 737 and Airbus – reached an alarming level, TCAS (Traffic Collision and Avoidance System) activated.

Meanwhile, the two captains contacted each through radio communication, thus saving the precious human lives by avoiding any collision.

It is reported that one of the captains opted for higher altitude and the other for lower.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Director General has now ordered an inquiry into the incident.