More men dying from coronavirus than women

By: Raheel Hanif      Published: 09:31 PM, 20 Mar, 2020
More men dying from coronavirus than women

Mortality rate around the globe due to novel coronavirus named as COVID-19 has reached 4.18 percent in days with total reported cases 283,061 with 11826 deaths.

The data so far has showed that the coronavirus is affecting men more than women. In age groups elderly people are more vulnerable to disease and the children are the safest so far.

According to the data available so far, men are more vulnerable to develop critical condition due to the coronavirus than women. The same pattern was found in China cases and the pattern is also visible in other countries including Italy, which has the most reported virus deaths among all the countries so far.

Experts said it was unclear why Covid-19 seemed to affect men and women differently, although it was not the only virus known to do this.

Professor Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia had told the BBC earlier that women had “intrinsically different immune responses” to men. “Women are more likely to suffer from auto-immune diseases, and there is good evidence that women produce better antibodies to vaccines against flu," he said.

Nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in Italy as men make up nearly 60 percent of people with confirmed cases of the virus and more than 70 percent of those who have died of covid-19. In South Korea, where about 61 percent of confirmed infections have been in women. Though far fewer patients have died, the majority of fatalities, 54%, were again men.

Men also drink and smoke more in all of these countries, particularly in China, where 48 percent of men above 15 smoke, compared with just 2 percent of women. Smoking and drinking is being seen major factor due to which men are affecting more due to the COVID-19.

Elder people major victims

More you older more you are at risk of dying due to the coronavirus according to the data collected so far. There has been no fatality reported among children aged between 0-9 years old while youngsters aged between 10-19 years have 0.2% mortality rate.

The people aged between 20-49 years have also the same 0.2% mortality rate while the rate doubles to 0.4% in next age group of 40-49 years.

The mortality rate among people aged between 50-59 years in 1.3% while this rate reaches 3.6% for people in 60-69 age group. This upward trend continues sharply as mortality rate among 70-79 year-old is 8% and the highest mortality rate is found among 80 plus years old, which is 14.8%.

Heart problems more problematic

The people with no serious pre-existing health conditions are least vulnerable to the coronavirus and have better chance to recover. According to the data, only 0.9% people died of coronavirus who did not have any pre-existing health condition in all cases.

The patients with cardiovascular disease are becoming the victim of the virus quickly with 13.2% death rate. Diabetic patients are second with 9.3% fatality rate while patients with chronic respiratory diseases have 8% while mortality rate among hypertension patients has been recorded as 8.4%. The cancer patients had 7.6% death rate among confirmed COVID-19 patients.

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