Palestine, Al-Aqsa Mosque----world is wearing mask

By: Dr Asif Channer      Published: 03:29 AM, 20 May, 2021
Palestine, Al-Aqsa Mosque----world is wearing mask

Not amazingly the Palestinian are once again treated brutally by the robust, tyrant and genocidal Israeli forces during the sacred month of Ramadan, Eid days and the Al-Aqsa mosque and Palestine are has been made flooded in blood and echoed by cries and laments of the innocent and unarmed oppressed Muslims including children, young adults, men, women and veterans. Reportedly there are about 100 martyrs including 40 children 10 women and more than 1000 injured Muslims.

The whole modern world including champions of human rights and humanity are in deep narcosis, In recent weeks the European union threatened Pakistan over the blasphemy issue and proposed a resolution declaring it to be an act of human freedom and emancipation; why this gross human right violation even during the peafowl month and at peaceful place al-Aqsa mosque including Ghaza is hypermetropic to them.

The so-called sophisticated world, modern world, the well-illuminated world is deaf and dumb to the worst and repeated acts of barbarism by the well organised Israeli forces and satanic government, indeed it is a powerful blow on the painted face of veto powers.

Reportedly in the ongoing airstrike by Israeli forces on Gaza many buildings have been targeted and the ‘chemical warfare’ has been used on the oppressed Palestinian Muslims which in the era of radiance is highly questionable.

In response, Hamas has fired about 150 rockets on Israeli forces and reportedly targeted the Israeli oil refinery and claiming 7 Israeli soldiers deaths.

It is an acme that the Israeli community is being witnessed rejoicing and jubilating just in the background of the massacre which is antihuman conduct exhibited by psychotics.

It is a pity that the newly elected American president Mr Joe bidden has never uttered a single word to condemn the ongoing act of gross human right violation and act of sponsored vandalism nor he expressed his views stressing Israel to stop this adventure.

Furthermore, none of the other world leaders has bothered to express their concerns over this massacre and planned genocide which reflects the dual face of the world and at the same time denuding their artificial slogans for humanity.

The silence of the United Nations Organization towards this ongoing ‘orchestrated barbarism’ against Muslims in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir, Myanmar, Iraq, Libya Egypt Syria Afghanistan especially the recent ongoing event in Palestine, the holy land of Prophets, the ‘Quibla Awal’ and during the holy month not sparing the Eid festivity, is highly deplorable and unjustifiable. I have already portrayed this dual standard of UNO in my column ‘United Nations Failing to keep nations united’ published on the eve of the birth celebration of UNO in October 2020 which now confirms the disagreeable face of the organization.

At the same time, the various human rights organizations like Amnesty International, human right watch and tons of other titanics look to be in quarantine!!

It is greatly unfortunate that The Muslims the followers and symbol of peace are being targeted around the globe under the pretext of ‘well sponsored, organized and supervised terrorism' by the ‘unknown powers’ right in Asia, the Middle and the Far East, Africa and other territories.

 Alarmingly the issues of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the genocidal steps by Nazi India for more than 21months to date have never been perceived by the polarized world, none of the superpowers, the veto powers have ever shown concerns over the oppressed Muslim women and children being mutilated and besieged simultaneously.

The role of the Muslim world is also not supportive. It is strange to know that there are 57 Muslim countries in the world and Israel is encircled and surrounded by the rich and purely Muslim states having religious and emotional attachments to Palestine as all are impotent.

These Muslim countries are mere puppets playing in the hands of the west rather than dancing on their tunes lacing inherit unity and fraternity and these states are in unreasonable clashes with each other which Muslims cannot afford and hence they are paying the cost of these animosities. How a small Israel can target the Muslims in the centre of their dominant states and in the holy place of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Qibla-e- Awal, is a great drama and dilemma of the twenty-first century.

At the same time the Israeli Prime Minister instead of controlling the situation even amidst a severe third wave of Covid-19 when humanity needs solidarity had vowed to continue the attacks thus attesting genocide and deed of vandalism

The unfortunate Palestinian are in deep agony firstly, they are been victimized by the Israeli forces and government in this era of pseudo illumination and emancipation, secondly poor physical response and assistance even diplomatically by the Muslim world especially the Arab world and neighbouring Muslim states which is much more agonizing than this brutality.

It is relevant to highlight that Pakistan the only atomic power of the Muslim world that could represent and defend the Muslim world effectively and efficiently is facing multiple internal conflicts and personal interests. Political parties and the Government are playing cat and mouse play for a long thus wasting their energy hence all are unable to contribute and deliver anything in the current scenario, a tragedy!!

The reflexes of the OIC and Arab league are very sluggish as usual unable to take steps to halt this aggression, defend the Muslims and this is the price which member countries are paying for the recognition and bilateral relations with Israel, the all-time arch-rival of Muslims

Regrettably, the Muslim world is merely a puppet dancing on the alluring tunes of the west vested with western interests. Muslim world immediate should review its relations and ties with Israel and the West and it is the right time and golden opportunity to get united.

The Muslims should uplift their face and make realize the world its dual standards and unreasonable thoughts and treatment of Muslims at every forum to change their outlook and perception toward them.

Lastly, the roles and responsibilities of these Muslim organizations cum platforms need to be redefined and a potent elixir is necessitated. A sincere Muslim leadership with a strong commitment to defending the Muslims all over the world is unavoidable and it a genuine emergency cum urgency!!!

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