K-2 nuclear power plant to produce ‘clean energy’, says PM Imran

By: News Desk      Published: 12:55 PM, 21 May, 2021
Nuclear powre plant
PM Imran Khan delivering his speech.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that he was pleased to have inaugurated the K-2 nuclear power plant which had the capacity of producing 1,100 megawatts of electricity, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

Speaking at the inauguration of the plant in Karachi, Imran Khan said he was very happy not only because this plant would produce energy, but clean energy, which was the need of the hour given the phenomenon of climate change that was affecting the entire world.

Apart from that, he added, installation of the plant also marked the transfer of technology from China to Pakistan since Chinese scientists would come to Pakistan to train the locals working at the plant.

“Another thing to cheer about is that in 2021 we are celebrating the completion of 70 years of establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries,” he added.

“We have a unique relationship with China as it is based on mutual cooperation,” he said, and added, “China has always stood by Pakistan, and, therefore, Pakistanis have an emotional attachment with this country. And we are very fortunate to have China as our neighbour since the country is an emerging world superpower, and we can learn a lot from its experiences.”

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He praised the Chinese leadership for lifting billions of people out of poverty and also waging war against corruption, particularly rampant in the corridors of power. “Although, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), anti-corruption watchdog, has been functioning in our country for the past 23 years, but unlike China it has failed to eliminate corruption since in China the authorities took the high and mighty to the task,” the prime minister observed.

He also talked about learning from the Chinese experiences in the livestock sector.

He said the reason why he was calling the relationship between the two countries unique was because contrary to Gulf and other countries, not many Pakistanis lived in China, and people to people contact between the two countries was not frequent either. “Still, we have a strong relationship with our neighbour, and I hope that interaction between peoples of the two countries would grow in future,” PM Imran concluded.

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Earlier, on Friday morning, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill had said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will today inaugurate K-2 nuclear power plant.

In a tweet, SAPM said InshaAllah 1,100 megawatts of electricity would be added to the national grid.

He added prior to that K-1 nuclear power plant had been installed in 1960, and now it was after the gap of 60 years that another such power plant was going to be inaugurated.