Amazing healthy recipes for Suhoor

Published: 05:14 PM, 23 Apr, 2021
Amazing healthy recipes for Suhoor
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How to do self control and maintain discipline in our lives is the basic lesson that we learn in the pious month of Ramadan. 

Another trait that flourishes in doing fast is “patience.” Fasting during longer periods of hours is a difficult task to carry out that can leave you lethargic and exhausted. 

But as we plan to eat and design a number of foodstuffs then why we still face issues this month?

The trouble comes here that we only look forward to fulfilling our stomach but don’t put an eye on providing essential nutrients to our body. 

In this holy month, our approach is two major meals that we take here decides our health conditions. 

Out of these two, Sehri is the first fundamental meal that has to be taken before the Azan of Fajr prayer and then the body goes to the starvation state for the whole day so Suhoor meal needs to be nutritious, healthy and satiating to avoid conditions like headaches, tiredness, difficulty in concentration and dehydration. 

A complete balanced meal involving multiple varieties and a combination of healthy foods is primary while opting for a Suhoor meal. Often we cut back on carbohydrates in a sense of losing weight that could result in inevitable damage to the body. 

Complex Carbohydrate must be taken because they have ample amounts of fibre that gives you vitality and extra strength. It efficiently enhances your digestible properties. Moreover, it keeps your hunger away by regulating blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and gives you a feeling of fullness for the entire day. So carbs in a good portion along with plenty of fluids are necessary for Suhoor.

Here are some amazing healthy recipes you can easily try at home;



·         2slices of whole wheat bread 

·         1 large sized banana, sliced

·         3 Tbsp peanut butter

·         2tsp chia seed 

·         2tsp flaxseeds

·         1Tbsp honey or chocolate syrup


Toast the bread slices properly. Spread peanut butter. Then place the sliced banana evenly on the toast slices Drizzle it with honey or chocolate syrup and sprinkle chia and flaxseeds over them.



·         2-3 Flour Tortillas 

·         3 chicken fillets

·         1Tbsp olive oil

·         1/2tsp salt and black pepper,

·         1/2tsp oregano

·         1/2cup cabbage, thinly sliced

·         1/3rd cup carrots and onions

·         1 small apple

·         1Tbsp mayonnaise 

·         3Tbsp fat-free yogurt

·         1/2tsp vinegar


Take a pan and add 1Tbsp of olive oil. Cut chicken fillets into small stripes and put in the pan. Then add salt, black pepper oregano. Stir fry the chicken stripes until it turns golden brown. Then turn off the flame and let it drain on some kitchen paper. While preparing chicken cut the veggies and apple in a bowl and add salt, pepper and vinegar to them and toss them properly. In a small bowl take yoghurt and mayonnaise, add a pinch of salt and pepper in it. Put the veggies in this sauce and the coleslaw will be ready then wrap a tortilla with chicken and spread coleslaw on each wrap.



·         1/4th cup oats

·         2eggs 

·         3Tbsp milk

·         1Tbsp olive oil

·         2Tbsp onions

·         2Tbsp carrots

·         2Tbsp capsicum 

·         1Tbsp finely chopped tomatoes 

·         2green chillies 

·         Coriander 

·         Pinch of salt/pepper/turmeric powder/oregano 


Add oats to the processor and grind it well finely grate all vegetables. Add all spices to flour. Then add milk and blend it well to avoid any lumps. Add 2eggs in flour mixture. Beat all mixture together until it gives a light frothy texture. Put oil on heating pan and pour the mixture in it and set the flame to medium. Mix all vegetables and add them evenly over the flour and egg mixture and gently press them. When one side is cooked turn to the other side and cook it properly.Once both sides are properly cooked serve it. By sprinkling some mint leaves and chat masala over it.



·         1cup ground beef

·         2 whole wheat Tortillas

·         1Tbsp olive oil

·         1/2cup corns

·         1/2Tbsp chili powder 

·         1/2tsp  and salt

·         1/4th tsp black pepper 

·         1tsp garlic powder

·         1/2tsp oregano and cumin powder

·         1/2cup tomato paste 

·         1/4th cup water


Add beef on a skillet pour some water and boil it until its colour changes. As the water dries up completely, add spices cumin powder, chilli powder, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, salt. Add 1Tbsp of olive oil and stir fry the beef until it’s completely cooked. Keep the flame medium and add tomato sauce/paste add water until it gives a saucy texture prepare it Then remove it and take another pan and heat the tortillas on a high flame until it turns brown and gives a crunchy texture Fold it in a shape of a shell and fill it with beef mixture. Top it with sliced mozzarella/cheddar cheese, diced onions and tomatoes, lettuce and enjoy this healthy meal.

The writer is a Doctor of Nutrition SCiences. 

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Dr Ayesha Saleem

The writer is a Doctor of Nutrition Sciences.