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Published: 09:47 PM, 23 Jun, 2022
10:00 pm Headlines at 24Digital
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♦ If the IMF does not set a new condition, the deal will be sealed; The agreement will not bring prosperity overnight; We have to fix the financial problems at our own; Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addresses his party senators; Imran Khan violated the IMF agreement; Ex-PM increased oil price and gave subsidy; How long will China help Pakistan? The development of the country is the responsibility of all coalition partners 

♦ A big relief from two-month hike; In the interbank market, the dollar goes down by Rs4;70; the US currency fell by Rs4 to Rs208; Gold price too comes down; A tola of gold cut by Rs4,600

♦ Pakistan will be saved from bankruptcy; We will overcome the difficulties in three months; Finance Minister claims that Imran Khan is responsible for the economic woes; The previous government borrowed 80% more in 15 years; The real autonomy will come when the budget deficit is reduced

♦ There is a sense of people's difficulties; It will take time for the country to get back on its feet; Maryam Nawaz talks to Senator Prof; Sajid Mir; People saw the real face of Imran Khan; They will not be deceived; Sajid Mir described the meeting with Nawaz Sharif in London

♦ There is no dictator bigger than Imran Khan; He pierces the plate in which he eats; Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon, PTI chief has been showered; ۔ The judiciary and institutions will not follow Imran Khan's lead

♦ Karachi residents ready to drop electricity again; Electric's request to increase the price of electricity by Rs 11 34 paise per unit; NEPRA will hold a hearing on July 4 on the historic fuel price adjustment

♦ In Karachi, Corona sounded the alarm; The rate of positive cases exceeded 21%; The rate in Abbottabad was 9%, in Peshawar it was 3%, in Islamabad it was 2;5%, and in Lahore it was 2%

♦ Load-shedding continues despite good weather; Shortfall has reached 5,550 MW; Power is out for 8 hours in different areas; Public Accounts Committee expresses anger over unannounced load shedding; Instructed the officers and employees of the power sector not to provide free electricity; Chairman PAC Brahm on the absence of CEO of K Electric; Noor Alam said that if the CEO does not come next time, he should be arrested;

♦ How about Murree, this is New Pakistan ??? Prime Minister has ordered the repair of Murree Expressway; They say Hazara Motorway is something to see; Take guidance from Hazara Motorway builders; Make points every 15 km; Roads are full of encroachments; Illegal constructions on Jhika Gali Road should be stopped;

♦ Chief Minister Punjab's big step for the convenience of the people; The provincial cabinet approved the removal of 11 toll plazas; Gujranwala Sialkot Road Toll Plaza on Sialkot Bypass has been completed; Approval to end Wazirabad Sialkot Kashmir Road Toll Plaza on Wazirabad Bypass; Instructions for making; The cabinet also approved a two-month extension in the wheat release policy;

♦ Good news for overseas Pakistanis; Separate rates of tax payments will also be introduced; the Capital value tax rate has been increased from two to five percent for non-filers for local citizens;

♦ In the money laundering case, the FIA has issued letters to various agencies for information on property and business;

♦ The Supreme Court Bar has filed a petition for review of the interpretation of Article 63A; The judgment of May 17 should be reviewed; It is unconstitutional against the court's decision not to count the votes; According to Article 63A, deviant members will only be de-seated;

♦ Former President Asif Ali Zardari's mother was laid to rest in Nawabshah; Asif Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto, Murad Ali Shah, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, and other provincial ministers also participated; Prayers for forgiveness for Asif Ali Zardari's mother in National Assembly;

♦More birds flying than planes at Lahore Airport; Another plane narrowly escaped today; A bird collided with a PIA flight coming from Sharjah; Damage to the engine of the plane; Emergency landing had to be made; Birds have collided with 4 planes in 2 weeks;

♦ Bilawal Bhutto addressed the inaugural meeting of the Group of Friends;

♦E-ticket challans will be re-issued in Lahore; The decision of the single bench of the High Court regarding e-ticketing challan has been suspended; The single bench has ordered to amend the law; The public prosecutor replied that e-ticketing challan system is in place in many countries; This has improved the flow of traffic;

♦ Dua Zahra case dismissed;  Mehdi Kazmi's request for extradition of Dua Zahra rejected; the marriage remains valid; Marriage does not end under Sindh law; What will you do if the girl does not agree even after the meeting?

♦ Shame on those who spread garbage; There will be no penalty of Rs200 for littering in gardens; Order of Lahore High Court Environmental pollution, smog prevention case hearing; DG of PHA also ordered to plant trees in monsoon

♦ Orange train fare in Lahore is proposed to be up 

♦ Rebellion in the party against Shiv Sena chief and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uday Thackeray; Rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde claims to have the support of 40 members; Thackeray has left the Chief Minister's House and moved home; Says he is ready to resign and leave the post of party chief at the behest of the workers

♦ Former Miss Brazil Glacier Korea has died at the age of 27; She suffered a heart attack, followed by a brain hemorrhage; she  was crowned Miss United Continent Brazil in 2018

♦ World Mass Wrestling Championship in Russia; Pakistani wrestler Waqas Afzal defeated Indian player; Waqas Afzal and Muhammad Saad of Pakistan reached the final of the World Mass Wrestling Championship

♦ Eidul Adha preparations in full swing in Karachi; More than 200,000 animals have been delivered to the cattle market on the Super Highway from across the country; Citizens are upset when they hear about the high prices of small goats

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