Let's revisit Alizeh Shah's VIRAL DANCE VIDEOS of 2021 

By: Iqra Ejaz
Published: 10:09 AM, 24 Dec, 2021
Let's revisit Alizeh Shah's VIRAL DANCE VIDEOS of 2021 
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It is no secret that 2021 turned out to be one of the most troubling yet beneficial years for actress Alizeh Shah. Whatever choices Alizeh made during 2021 were being keenly observed by her fan following which then lead to Alizeh Shah gaining massive acknowledgment throughout the nation as everyone wanted to troll the young diva and at the same time the negative attention ending up earning the actress staggering stardom.

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We believe that as 2021 is coming to an end, it is quite crucial to revisit some of the most acknowledged content which ended up making Alizeh Shah so controversially attractive.

So as we all know that Alizeh appeared in a music video with renowned singer Sahir Ali Bagga and her wardrobe choices for her debut singing project ended up garnering a lot of negativity. Emerging on the internet in music track, 'Badnamiyaan', Alizeh Shah was dressed in the famous black tank top and social media users made sure to remind the young star that her dressing is certainly not acceptable. Here's a dance video which managed to go viral and Alizeh's tank top was the major reason for such astonishing attention.

Another instant which caused netizens to gossip about Alizeh Shah with ruthless brutality was when she appeared in a black strapless gown at Hum Style Awards 2021.

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However these are just some of the reasons, the actress is mostly trolled for anything that she indulges in publicly. Most of Alizeh Shah's social media posts are clouded with negative remarks which the social media users make sure to leave in the comment section. The actress' decision to keep switching between her short hairstyle to donning hair extensions is also a cause of great distress for everyone.

Also, Alizeh Shah is considered to be an ill-mannered individual as various prominent showbiz celebrities have talked about how Alizeh doesn't hesitate to misbehave with senior artists however let's not forget that one should never rely on only one side of the story. It could be totally possible that some personal issues have caused misunderstandings. Also, to be honest no one deserves to be this brutally trolled. 

Here we have compiled some of the most watched videos of Alizeh Shah which gained her massive recognition in 2021. Enjoy! 

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