Coronavirus detecting machine goes on trial in England

By: News Desk      Published: 09:35 PM, 24 Jun, 2021
Coronavirus detecting machine goes on trial in England

A new machine that can detect COVID-19 particles in the air has been installed on an experimental basis in the North East of England, reported 24News HD TV channel on Thursday. 

Its developers say it could help provide early warning of the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses, enabling a more rapid response to potential outbreaks.

Two units, which are about the size of an office printer, are now in situ at Teesside International Airport and at a primary school.

The machines suck in air and convert it to a liquid which can then be analysed to identify airborne pathogens using DNA sequencing.

The units run automatically, and provide real-time results without the need for a scientist or engineer to be present, or for the samples to be sent to a laboratory.

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