Alizeh Shah's casual video session on the roof delights fan community 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:04 AM, 24 Nov, 2021
Alizeh Shah.
Alizeh Shah.

Actress Alizeh Shah's latest videos are quite delightful as the celebrity has been spotted on the roof of a house casually putting forward pleasing face expressions as she poses for some videos in order to generate content for social media platforms.

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Donning a crop purple top with the hair extensions making an appearance succeeding in making Alizeh Shah look like a delicate doll, the celebrity's latest video clips are making social media users leave comments of appreciation. Also many have inquired from the controversial queen the reason behind sudden need to act bold whereas previously Alizeh had considered to be someone immensely shy.

From the looks of it, for this video session Alizeh decided to pick a rooftop as her content venue option. To be honest, Alizeh Shah has succeeded in bringing quite a lot of drama to her latest videos by indulging in some intense eye batting and posing. Also, there are some effects which have been applied to the videos giving off an extremely dramatic touch to the whole experience.

In another update posted by the celebrity, she has been spotted with her pet while Alizeh handles the little fluff ball with immense affection, it seems the tiny diva also holds intense love for her owner because we can see Alizeh's favourite friend indulging in a kiss like motion after which the Pakistani star utters: "I love you too." 

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