Fans worried over Mawra looking sad during photoshoot with sister Urwa 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 02:21 PM, 24 Nov, 2021
Mawra Hocane with sister Urwa.
Mawra Hocane with sister Urwa.

Actresses Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane have lately taken part in a photoshoot together through which we have spotted a solemn Mawra whose face expressions during the whole experience are rather distressing and make us wonder whether the adorable celebrity is going through something upsetting?

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Mawra has taken to her Instagram handle and posted a video regulating around the whole procedure of getting glammed up for a photoshoot. The video starts with Mawra arriving at a venue where her sister is already getting ready. Soon both of the divas look quite presentable for putting forward glamorous poses for their current work needs and end up arriving at a location chosen for the shoot.

While Urwa and Mawra pose endearingly, we can see actress Mawra putting forward rather stern or troubling expressions which might have been the requirements of the shoot or maybe Mawra has lately been feeling a bit upset. 

However one thing is for sure, the sisters succeed in making the whole experience rather promising as the pictures which have been posted by Mawra on her Instagram handle have made us inspired yet appalled at how seamlessly Pakistani models/actors succeed in taking their fan community by storm. 

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