Please stop befooling the nation anymore Khan Sahib!!!

Published: 11:44 PM, 24 Sep, 2022
Please stop befooling the nation anymore Khan Sahib!!!
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When Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf leader and former prime minister, Imran Khan announced the holding of a public rally in Rahim Yar Khan, he said he would announce the date for the second run of Azaadi March. It was the repetition of similar announcements in Peshawar, Gujranwala, Charsadda and Bahawalpur rallies beside his so-called address to the nation at least half a dozen times on television networks.

But as always, to the disappointment and dismay of his followers attending these rallies or listening to his sermons sitting in front of their TV sets, avoided giving any date. However, he lashed out at Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s warning in which he said: “If Imran Khan would come to capture the capital city, he and his followers would be treated worse than the last time. You are still preparing for the said Azaadi March, but we are already prepared and waiting for you.”

Rana Sanaullah did not mince his words saying that no madman could be allowed to launch an attack on the capital. “If you were not prepared on May 25 what the hell did you lead the march for? You held several rallies in different parts of the country in preparation for your protest march. You have been claiming that armed groups were part of the march then?”

The Interior Minister said that if you will bring armed gangs in the garb of Azaadi March again, the law-enforcing agencies would act according to the law with force and defend the capital.

Rana Sanaullah spoke from a position of strength and expressed determination to tackle the situation as and when it arises. He was very critical of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab governments who have refused to provide contingents of police for protection of the capital city and also life and property. The demand was initiated to avert a situation like the previous occasion of the first Azaadi March when trees and buildings were put on fire by the angry mobs forcing the police and the Rangers, deployed to protect the capital city, to fire teargas shells and open lathi-charge.

It is strange to see Imran Khan getting desperate to oust the sitting government of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) through protest marches. One-third of the country is under water due to devastating floods caused by unprecedented heavy rainfall and melting of the glaciers up in the north, the national economy is in shambles and you are demanding the luxury of holding fresh general elections and that too before time.

One doesn't know which language Imran Khan understand while he has been told numerous time by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and PDM leaders that early elections were out of the question. Similarly, his second demand of deferring the appointment of a new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) has also been categorically thrown in the bin by all concerned. Something that you should know by holding the coveted position of a prime minister whose prerogative it is to finally pick up one out of three or five proposed names in the summary initiated by the Minister of Defence? But as always, you are still in denial mode and think what you feel is right and the rest is all nonsense.

Mr Khan, you are losing your narratives one after another. You started with a slogan like ‘accountability’ claiming that once you assume power, this process would start from your person, your house in Bani Gala, your ministers and advisers. Did you stand your words? Of course not. You unleashed vengeance against your political rivals and protected all those around you in the party having cases and references pending in the court.

Khan Sahib you made another false claim that all the cases against members of your arch-rival parties, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) were lodged during their respective tenure of government. It is a blatant lie. You initiated a large number of cases against them. It was another matter that none of them could be proved in the courts nor did a penny was recovered from the alleged looted money.

Imran Khan, you ruthlessly used the now retired Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) not only by initiating cases against political opponents but to close cases against your party leaders and your affiliates.

The most trumpeted slogans like Change, Revolution, Reforms, and Good Governance have died down. The most recent being the Cypher Narrative accusing a deputy secretary level office of the United States (US) of hatching a conspiracy of toppling your government through a vote of no-confidence has stopped selling anymore.

Isn’t it shocking to learn that while you were making serious attempts to make your followers believe that the US government was behind your ouster, you and your party leaders have been meeting American diplomats and opinion-makers including Ambassador Donald Bloom and Rabin Raphael?

And of late you have while responding to the advice of a judge suggesting that PTI elected members should return to the National Assembly to play their actual role, you have conditioned it with holding of an inquiry in the Cypher issue. Have you forgotten Khan Sahib that you were told in categorical terms that the two elite intelligence agencies of the Armed forces including the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Military Intelligence (MI) have conducted thorough investigations into the matter and found no element of any conspiracy in it?

Last but not the least, Khan Sahib stop playing political gimmicks with your followers who are supporting you through thick and thin. You must focus on real issues to rid this nation of the menace of corruption and boost the national economy which is in shambles. You owe this to the nation that has placed you in a position where you can deliver.

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Salim Bokhari

The writer is Editor-in-Chief of 24 Digital and Director Digital Department of City News Network.