Hira Mani finds it hard to fill up her car tank without servant while in America

By: News Desk      Published: 12:04 PM, 25 Jun, 2021
Hira Mani Famous Actress
Hira Mani filling her car tank

Pakistani television actress Hira Mani’s statements regarding various issues are sometimes a bit too astonishing while sometimes they manage to make us laugh uncontrollably.

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The actress possesses a knack for acting and therefore she has secured the place of the most admired actresses of Pakistan however she has posted a video that has caused the netizens to send some major sarcasm-laced criticism her way.

While enjoying a relaxed vacation with her family in Texas, America, Mrs Mani was seen struggling to fill up her car tank with petrol.

During the duration of the video, the actress talks about how we are so very privileged as we have house help in Pakistan whereas one has to do everything by themselves in America.

Now you might wonder that filling up a car tank provoked Hira to indulge in such thoughts of misery? 

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We mean is it that demanding of a task?


If Hira is finding this very task a bit too demanding without having the assistance of a servant then it is possible that Hira is kind of extremely ‘lazy’? And also relies on ‘help’ A LOT?

Hira’s video caused an uproar over internet and social media users are not pleased.

People want to know that ‘why is it a big deal’ with Hira having to fill up the tank herself?

Also, people are itched over Hira labelling someone’s poverty as her luxury as the actress mentioned how we are privileged because we have servants whereas the help that we have in Pakistan might not be doing this kind of ‘work’ due to their own will rather because of their ‘poverty’. 

A few netizens label her a fairly ‘spoilt’ individual.

Hira we love you as you are surely one impeccable talent however this particular act was agreeably a bit too ‘spoilt’.