PM Khan counts his govt successes during testing times

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Published: 07:19 PM, 26 Aug, 2021
PM Khan counts his govt successes during testing times
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Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday gave a review of his government three-year performance during which he claimed a tumulus time period blighted by the huge deficit his government inherited and global pandemic coronavirus

He admitted that when PTI had formed its government in 2018, its team was inexperienced. “And as we were making efforts to overcome economic difficulties, coronavirus pandemic became a challenge.”

The prime minister said the first three years of the PTI in office were very tough. “When PTI came to power, the country did not have reserves. There was a record current account deficit when my party took office,” he said, and added, “Had Saudi Arabia not supported Pakistan in those times, the situation would have deteriorated further.”

He also mentioned Pulwama incident that led to a direct confrontation between Pakistan and Indai on the border and took the two nations on the brink of war.

He took those who criticized the Pak Army to the task and said if the Pakistan have not such an Army, God knows what would happen to Pakistan when India attacked Pakistan on that night.

He accused that a specific lobby under Indian influence was trying to undermine the Pak Army.

Referring to parties like Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), he regretted that ‘mafias’ in the country, which were bitterly opposed to the Pakistan Army were speaking the language of the country’s enemies.

He said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) had struggled for 25 years. “There was a time when merely five or six people had been left in the party. There were some people who would be taunted that they were the members of PTI,” he said, and added, “Difficult times in people’s lives and parties are not unusual.

PM Imran said that tough times did come in the nation’s lives, but the fact remains that one should not get panicked. “I have seen hardships all my life,” he said, and added, “Vicissitudes in people’s lives are a routine.”

He advised the youth not to consider that life was easy. “There are no short-cuts in life. Whenever there is a tough time, do not panic, but face the situation manfully,” he said.

He said nobody in the world had achieved something without facing failures. “Not a single person in the world has become a leader through shortcuts. Everybody has to struggle for achieving something in life.”

He added that when the pandemic had struck, like elsewhere in the world some members in his cabinet too were perturbed. “While many countries in the world opted for complete lockdowns, I thought otherwise because I knew the difficulties common man would have faced had there been a complete lockdown,” PM Imran added.

He said the greatest asset for Pakistan were overseas Pakistanis who sent remittances back home. “It is after 10 years that industry in the country is developing. Similarly, the construction sector is expanding. There is a marked increase in the sales of cars.

The prime minister said one of the biggest issues confronting the country was the absence of the ‘Rule of Law’. “In societies where there is a rule of law, all and sundry are treated alike, while in societies where it is not, high and mighty hold sway.”

Giving the example of the state of Medina where rich and poor were treated equally, he pointed out: “No country in the world can develop unless there is a rule of law there.”

“This is the battle for the rule of law that we have fought all these three years,” the prime minister said, “The difference between us and the past governments is that during the last three years, Punjab’s anti-corruption department had recovered Rs519 billion.

PM Imran said some of the PTI government’s programmes such as the Ehsaas Programme were the first of their kind in the country’s history. “Even the world organisations have acknowledged its utility,” he added.

He expressed surprise that world powers were talking about giving rights to the women of Afghanistan. “Have you ever heard a foreign country giving rights to the women of another country?” he questioned.

He went on to say that interest-free loans would be given to the people while the entire population of Punjab would get health cards. “Even the Sindh government will be forced to replicate the health cards system as implemented in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab,” he informed.

“In the next 10 years, we will have constructed 10 dams. Mohmand Dam will be completed in 2025,” he informed.

“In the education sector, the single curriculum is PTI government’s greatest achievement, which is aimed at ensuring that students from all backgrounds could learn English and those already studying at English medium schools do not use it as a status symbol.”

Expressing concern over increasing incidents of rape and harassment of children in the country, the prime minister said the molestation of a female TikToker at Greater Iqbal Park on August 14 was a shameful act. “Hence there is a need for proper upbringing of children. We must raise our kids in the light of Islamic teachings,” he asserted.

PM Imran regretted that the Pakistani nation had not realized its potential.

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