Wahaj Ali shines bright in ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’

By: News Desk      Published: 03:44 PM, 26 Feb, 2020
Wahaj Ali shines bright in ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’

Ehd-e-Wafa, as a drama, has a legacy to follow. Straight away, our minds go to Alpha Bravo Charlie. or recent films like War, Sher Dil, and many others.

Wahaj Ali, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, and Ahmed Ali Akbar are relatively established names, having each done numerous plays.

In this ensemble cast, the one who stood out was Wahaj Ali. While he has starred in dramas like Bharam, Mah-e-Tamaam, Haiwaan, and others, the scale certainly was bigger this time around.

The challenge for him was to blend in yet leave a mark of his own.

After watching 24 episodes, it could be stated that Wahaj Ali has undoubtedly managed to maintain that beautiful balance. He became one of the boys as Shariq. This whole group of friends did everything together.

These scenes were extraordinarily relatable and reminded all of us of our college and university days.

Even during this period, Wahaj Ali impressed with his nuanced portrayal of Shariq. He was funny, yet he understands the difference between being reckless and having fun. Shariq is a reality check for the whole group. At times, this could come across as being snobby or fearful, but Wahaj finds the right balance. He worries about the future but also lives in the moment.

The story has progressed a fair bit as the boys have gone their separate ways. This has given each actor a chance to shine. Wahaj Ali’s fantastic dialogue delivery and facial expression have kept us all interested and invested in his journey. Perhaps a little bit more than others.

What makes this even more of an accomplishment is that Wahaj, before this role, had primarily played the romantic hero. This character has many other dimensions to it. Friendship remains a central focus of it.

Hence, it was something we aren’t used to seeing him play. Yet with Ehd-e-Wafa, Wahaj Ali’s versatility as a performer has been proven. This bodes well for his future.

We can’t wait to see where this journey takes Shariq and a lot more of Wahaj Ali in other challenging and multifaceted roles.

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