Netizens ask Shehzad Roy the secret behind his anti-aging skin and here’s how he responds!

By: News Desk      Published: 01:51 PM, 27 Aug, 2021
Netizens ask Shehzad Roy the secret behind his anti-aging skin and here’s how he responds!

Famous Pakistani singer and social activist, Shehzad Roy, gets asked by netizens about the secret behind his anti-aging skin.

According to details, the response came from a post that Shehzad shared on Instagram. The netizens, comparing his picture when the actor was 20 year old with the one that he had freshly uploaded, celebrated the immorality of his anti-aging skin.

Moreover, they went on to ask the singer about the secret of his glowing and youthful skin, to which he sarcastically responded as, “Come on yaar. 20 saal ki umar sab loug aesay hi lagtay hain. But if you insist you can suggest a name for this anti-ageing product.”

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Soon the singer shared his remarks, millions of his fans could not help responding to what he said and began sharing their opinions in comment section.

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Here are the snippets of the Insta post:

However, the netizens shared their mixed reactions over Roy’s looks. Some think that he won’t go old so soon, whereas other opposed saying that he already looks older than 40 years.

Earlier, the singer had expressed his displeasure against the public hanging punishment on human rights violation.

He wrote, “Whoever is demanding to hang any criminal publicly should not forget that there is enough research available that ‘violence breeds violence’”.

He further added, “I have done a lot to save kids from sexual abuse & corporal punishment. Rapists, child molesters, or criminals like them should be punished with the full force of law. I am against giving any punishment publicly,” he reiterated, adding, “Do you want our young kids to see bodies hanging on chowks, chorahas and markets?”

The singer holds an influence on social media, and is followed by 87.3K followers on Instagram. Moreover, he keeps on engaging thousands of his fans by sharing content of his personal and professional lives.

Here are the recently shared posts of the celebrity: