Here’s the secret to Minal Khan’s glorious complexion

By: News Desk      Published: 03:31 PM, 27 Sep, 2021
Here’s the secret to Minal Khan’s glorious complexion

Actress Minal Khan’s accelerating stardom is mostly due to her acting skills which have been getting polished with a staggering finesse however there is another reason why Minal Khan is so popular among netizens and that is because of her enchanting face and radiant complexion.

However fret not because Minal has now revealed the secret to her glowing skin in a live session with her friend.

Minal’s friend has revealed that the reason why the actress is so beautiful is because she is obsessed with water.

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Minal further elaborated that she just doesn’t rely on water whereas she is always drinking some kind of liquid: It could be coffee, green tea or fresh juices.

Basically friends, Minal Khan has such stunning skin because she is a believer of consuming water along with other healthy fluids which have succeeded into giving the actress a fresh glow.

Minal stated: “Just drink water all the time even when you are doing nothing, just drink water or any other liquid.”

Previously, glimpses from wedding ceremony of actress Minal Khan and husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram kept emerging over the internet and the duo’s wedding festivities managed to become a viral topic among netizens. 

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